Help Needed: Basenji on Craigslist - OR

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  • Vicki it says that posting has expired. Do they still have him?

    Rita Jean

  • This is the post:

    10 month old male basenji (SE Portland)
    Date: 2009-11-03, 6:53PM PST
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    Free to experienced home. This basenji (like most basenjis) is high manintenance. He was left out in a backyard for his first 8 months. I am his 3rd foster home. I am a trainer with three dogs. He is doing fair with my dogs, he is learning the ropes. I've been working on his sit, down, stay, leave-it, and drop it. He is somewhat possessive over soft toys, but drops his chew bones fine. He is working on his crate training, he still cries in it, but goes in with treats most of the time. He needs an expereinced owner, he will need work. He is free to you if you can handle him. He is up to date on shots and neutered. His name currently is Kumba, it is his third name. He has bitten, the breed rescue was going to put him down but I didn't want that to happen, he is a puppy and needs to learn. He has only been out of the backyard for about 2 months.

    Location: SE Portland
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  • Houston

    Saw this today, this might be something worth looking into for transport for this boy..

  • While this is a great project, I do not believe this dog needs to be handed off to multiple people.
    She wants to get him out of her house quicker than I'd imagined as she wants to meet me today.
    They want to MEET me somewhere… did not mention coming to my house or me going to their house.
    So, I suspect they just want him gone.
    I can get him, but I have a houseful, and with pregnant bitches, I don't need any stress in the house.
    If folks want to help, that would be great. I am a FT student and cannot take on this expense.

  • What airline are you using? Does anybody know if it is possible to apply airline travel vouchers (or coupon, not sure what to call it) to air shipments? Otherwise, I can check into it. I have some money left on one or two NWA/Delta vouchers I think I could give you if it would work. Atlanta is a Delta/NWA hub.

  • Houston

    Kathy, I am sorry I totally forgot what this dog has been through, you are right, he doesn't need that at all.

  • The least expensive airline to ship is Continental.
    It would cost over $300 for airfaire alone using any other airlines.

  • Houston

    I just used Continental with Moses, and I have to say I recommend them very much..very curtious and helpful airport staff, needless to say I don't know how his flight was, but he was very good and happy when we met him..
    I have used American Airlines in the past, but their delays sometimes make for a harder then not trip.

  • I wish I was in Oregon with a load to Georgia right now…I'd crate him up and bring him to you. 😞

  • Members of this forum saved a basenji before. Remember "Harley the forum basenji"?

    Vanessa and I can contribute $100 for the transport.

    Vicky please contact to discuss.

  • I can donate something. Just let me know where to send it.

  • @Nemo:

    I can donate something. Just let me know where to send it.

    I contacted Kathy (Khanis) via email and this was her response:

    "_Good Morning Pat,

    It is great of you to offer to help. No one has donated anything yet, so we haven't raised any $$.
    I have the gal holding this boy until Tuesday for me [had to make up some dumb sob story] since I couldn't get him in for a vet check before then, and then I was hoping we would have raised enough $$ that I could get him on the plane!

    Any bit will help, but don't over-extend yourself. You can send it to my Paypal account: If you need a name [can't remember how it works] it would be Kathryn Britton.

    Thank you so much… and Kumba will thank you too!


    I sent her a good contribution via PayPal but I can't begin to pay for the whole flight. I hope someone else can help out. Hint! Hint! Hint! 🙂 It sounds like the clock is ticking on how long she can get them to hold on to this dog.


  • Houston

    I sent some money too, I hope I did it right, Kathy, let me know if you do not get a paypal gift from me, so I can fix what I wronged..;)

  • Vicki,

    You really are an inspiration. I can't donate right now, because my purse got stolen, and I don't have the new cards yet. If I get them before Tuesday, I will update my paypal and kick a few bucks your way. Otherwise I hope my good thoughts and prayers will do for now.

    Vicki, when I said before that if he couldn't find the right type of person to help him deal with his demons, it would be kindest to put him down, you were exactly the type of person I meant.

    My Katie came to us as aKatrina rescue , with a lot of Demons. She is a wonderful, sweet, loving, fun girl now, but it took a lot of time, and energy. I am sure you understand exactly what I mean. I love my Katie with all of my heart, but in the wrong home, her life would have been miserable, and she would have been potentially dangerous. I am so happy this B boy has achance to go to the the right type of home.


  • From my Basenji's to you, I hope our little bit helps Kathy. Keep us updated on how much more you need.

    Dawn, Katie, and Tyler

  • Are we getting close to the amount needed to ship the poor little guy? I hope so.


  • @Vicki:

    Pat, when you come to your mountain cabin, I'm anxious to meet you. Michaelee's Chocolate Cafe?

    In lastnight's email from Kathy, she said we have received $250. We're getting there!

    Bless all of you for helping.

    Yum!! Sounds good. We'll be there over Thanksgiving but that will probably be hectic. We'll give you a call. Maybe we can at least meet your crew of dogs if you aren't going away for the holiday. We also plan to go up after Christmas to close it up for the winter.

    I hope 5 good hearted souls can come up with $10 apiece, or 2 with $25 or 1 with $50. 😃 please, please, please


  • I can give you the $50, but how do I use Paypal???

  • @AJs:

    I can give you the $50, but how do I use Paypal???


    Just set up an account with with your credit card. There is an earlier post on this thread with Kathy (Khanis) email address. Just follow directions and make the payment to Kathy's email address. It will be charged to your credit card. There is a few dollars charge for this type of transaction but it wasn't much.

    Believe me…if I can figure it out, anyone can! Note that I haven't even been able to figure out how to post many pictures on here. 😃


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