• Oatmeal is a gorgeous 3 year old neutered male red and white basenji, current on all his shots and in excellent health. He has been to obedience school and follows basic commands, does a few tricks, and is crate trained. However, his family unfortunately didn't understand much about basenjis and used an electric fence to contain him in the yard even while neighborhood kids taunted him, and didn't socialize him much with other dogs outside the home. Consequently, Oatmeal has become aggressive, particularly with food and children, and when outside his comfort zone. His family gave him up a week ago due to their own medical constraints, and he is currently in a very tenuous foster situation. Unfortunately BRAT is not able to take him due to his aggressive tendencies, and will have to euthanize him this weekend (8/9)if a home or a behaviorist to work with him (Washington, DC area) is not found.

    Please, please help this boy! He deserves better than what he's gotten in life – it's not his fault that he doesn't know how to trust people, and when he tries to be a good doggie he just curls up in your lap and snuggles. If you know of anyone who can take him, or know of a behaviorist who might evaluate him for free to determine whether he should not be PTS, please PLEASE let me know immediately! Oatmeal's life depends on it.

  • Anyway he could get down to Georgia somehow?

  • He absolutely could! Are you thinking of adopting him?

  • I so hope someone can help this b.

  • Well, I already have two, and I know my roommate would kill me. But since its a serious issue & being put to sleep is an option, I'm worried for him. I normally wouldn't consider adopting a third right now because it seems they all find homes through BRAT eventually, but if even BRAT won't take him, perhaps its time I finally bit the bullet on waiting to take on a rescue.

  • Andrew, do you have a way to separate your household to keep this dog separate while you seek help with his issues? Since this dog has aggressive tendencies especially food aggression you will need a way to keep your own dogs safe while Oatmeal is rehabilitated.

  • For the original poster, perhaps you can contact some behaviorists listed in this directory and see if any are willing to help with the situation.


  • If Andrew can take him, would BRAT consider helping arrange a transfer at least?

  • As I understand it, someone has already stepped up to take him. He will be (depending on transportation) going to a Basenji breeder in Texas.

  • I am wondering, does anyone know his breeder? or where he came from?

  • Good question.
    I would like to know as well.

  • Course the question was, where did he come from?
    Long day, and I am more drifty than usual.

  • I really hope he has indeed found a home. I will not be dissappointed if another great home can take him in.

  • Hey everyone!! Thanks so much for all of your replies – this is a tough situation, but I am so pleased that we've had several people step up to offer assistance and homes. As it stands now, we have tentative plans to fly Oatmeal out to a breeder in Texas, who can work with him on his behavioral issues until he is either adoptable through BRAT, or the breeder might just keep him herself. Either way, she says she would never put a dog to sleep, so it seems that his life is spared. Now we just have to organize transport, and I'm trying to get his owners to pay for the flight, because they do love him and feel terrible about giving him up.

    To answer Tanza's question, he is unfortunately a pet store dog, which we all know means he likely came from a puppy mill. So as to his breeding, who knows?

  • You are right about his Breeding and for sure from a Puppy Mill, but usually they come with some sort of papers?

  • He does have papers, from the ACA. I'm not sure who the sire and the dam are on the papers, because Oatie is not with me (I'm in NJ and he's in DC).

  • @knf106:

    He does have papers, from the ACA. I'm not sure who the sire and the dam are on the papers, because Oatie is not with me (I'm in NJ and he's in DC).

    Thanks, if you happen to talk to anyone that has access to the papers, would be good to know what they say. And it is good that Tonda, who works for an org. that works with these kinds of problem dogs is willing to take him. Hopefully one of the first things they do is a thyroid test and full medical workup…. and hopefully they can rehab him and be able to place him. I would guess it will be a long road, but good that he is going someplace that has worked with these kinds of behavior problems.

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