Two basenjis in GA need help; their human passed away.

  • Hi, my name is Valerie and I am a pet care provider in GA. One of my clients recently passed away at the age of 40 of cancer. Since she got seriously ill, she has been living with her parents who are in their 70's. They have to re-home their daughter's two basenjis, Niles and Lulu, because the mother has dementia and the father is struggling everyday trying to keep up the with the day-to-day duties. I'm afraid that he's at his wits end; he's talked about taking the dogs to the county shelter…I truly believe that would be a dead end for these dogs. He has asked my help and someone told me about his forum. The dogs are 11 years old and need to be homed together if possible. I tried to post some fliers that I made and some photos, but the website won't let me for some reason. If any one has any questions, wants the fliers to repost, or some pics, you can post here. Thank you so much for any advice or help you can provide.
    Valerie Pegg
    Lawrenceville, GA

  • Hi Valerie,

    I volunteer for Basenji Rescue and Transport in Georgia and I will forward your e-mail address and post above to my supervisor. Thank you so much for your efforts towards getting these dogs placed.


  • Valerie,

    Please email flier photos to and we will gladly post them for you.

    If anyone can help please email and we will get you in contact with Valerie.

  • I read her obituary and it sounds like she was a remarkable lady. I hope a good home can be found for her two dogs.


  • Please keep us posted… My heart goes out to them.

  • I've seen pictures of the Basenjis and they are sweeties.
    They need someone who will love them.

  • Does anyone know who the breeder of these pups are? That would be a good place to start if you have that info. They really look like a nice pair of pups. (The older ones tug at my heart so much!)

  • Hi everyone, this is Valerie again. I just want to say thanks to everyone for helping to get the word out about these two dogs. I only have the info that the owner gave me when I first met her in October. Since she passed away (Dec. 28), her father has been trying to help me find out what information he can get, but still can't find breeder info. I do remember from my conversation with Julie (the basenji's owner) that she bought them from a breeder somewhere in CA; she got Niles first, then Lulu a little while later. They have the same father and are both right around 11 years old. I walk these dogs M-F around 5pm and that is the only contact I have with these people. I was told that the father was desperate to get "rid" of the dogs and that he may put them in the shelter, but I honestly think that b/c of all the responses that I've reported to him that he will be patient and wait. I also think that he truly loves these dogs, but just can't handle the day-to-day duties of caring for a dog.
    I'm truly touched by all of the caring hearts out there. Thank you so much!

    Valerie Pegg

  • Do we have permission to forward this information to other lists where someone may recognize these dogs as from one of their litters?

  • I'll ask the owner's father tomorrow when I go walk them and let you know.

  • I will keep a good thought for these 2.
    Its hard to see the old ones in need.

  • Ohhhh, so sad… I really wish the best for you in finding them good homes. Please keep us posted with updates!

  • Hi everyone….great news! The basenji's have found a new home and are able stay together! Thanks to everyone for all of your help and for your wonderful hearts!

  • Thank goodness! Please invite the new owner/s to drop by here.

  • @valeriepegg:

    Hi everyone….great news! The basenji's have found a new home and are able stay together! Thanks to everyone for all of your help and for your wonderful hearts!

    That is great news

  • Yea!!! I am so happy for these basenjis. And bless the souls for the ones who took them in… Thank them for us. 🙂

  • Yea - happy days!

  • Thank goodness. Please thank the good-hearted soul that adopted a pair of older dogs. Though I consider my 13 year old "middle aged"!


  • That's great news!

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