• Arrived today, a 13 month old neutered male Basenji. He's red/white, crate-trained, house-trained, well-socialized, fully vaccinated and current on heartworm preventative. His owner gave him up after she discovered she was pregnant.

    This dog is currently located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    Please PM me for more information.

  • UPDATE: Arrived 24 hours after the first, a SECOND Basenji. Red/white neutered male, littermate to the first and from the same owners. Behavioral problems such as seperation anxiety expected. Further info will be posted after further evaluations are made.

  • I'm getting so sick of people dumping their B's because they find out they are pregnant…UGH it enrages me.

  • Good luck with finding homes for the basenjis you have rescued. Personally I do not have room for another (in small apartment). Let us know if you have luck or not.

  • Did you find homes for these two??

  • The last I heard the two boys were still available. I think there is information on her website which you can find by looking at her profile.

    The two boys worked back into my household the day after their arrival. The previous owners had reported a multitude of behavior and temperament problems which thankfully turned out to be extreme exaggerations. After living here 2 1/2 months, the boys left for their new home tonight. 🙂

  • Good Job!
    It makes rescue all worthwhile doesn't it!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Good Job!
    It makes rescue all worthwhile doesn't it!

    I'm sorry. I realized I wasn't clear in my post though I had all the info up on my website explaining the situation. It wasn't a rescue. It was a responsible breeder (me) taking responsibilty for two dogs that I produced.

  • Glad to know they have a new home. Were you fortunate enough to place them together?

  • Good breeders are hard to find 🙂 BRAVO Robyn!!! 😃

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