• Its official… Coda's owners will not be able to take him back due to the financial strain & baby on the way. He's looking for a new home!
    I know very little about Coda, but he's been with us for two weeks & I've learned a little.
    Coda is probably around a year old, and may fill out a bit more, but I think he's probably close to full grown. He's 50 pounds.
    He has long silky white hair with light spots & his head has the coloring & look of a Saint Bernard. We have no idea what kind of dog he is, but he is very pretty.
    He is neutered, and has a current rabies tag.
    So far, he knows "sit" & we are working on "come." I've been taking him to the dog park, which is a new experience for him, and he LOVES it! He plays with every dog & wants to meet every human he can. He has shown no aggression at all, and every human he walks up to remarks on what a sweetheart he is.
    Coda comes with a large plastic crate & will stay in it all day while you're at work & all night while you sleep. I think he would like to be a bed dog, but there are too many distractions at my house (2 cats).
    So far, Coda has had two accidents in the house, and it is completely my own fault. He drinks a lot more water than basenjis & so needs to be let out to pee much more often & I am a slow learner! He will go to the door when he needs to go out.
    Coda has a lot of energy & needs to have a backyard to play in, a visit to the dogpark as often as possible, or somebody who can take him on a couple of very long walks or jogs every day. If he doesn't get enough exercise, he is very wound up.
    Coda is a sweetheart & would make a great pet for anybody. If we didn't already have a full house we would just keep him. He would be a great dog for anybody who likes to be outdoors a lot, hiking, camping, jogging, anything. He would be great with a family with older children. His size & enthusiasm may be a bit much for small babies, as he may accidently knock them over. However, I've never seen him around small children so I'm not sure how he would act around them.
    We are in Atlanta, GA & would be willing to drive to help him find a new home. I will charge a fee for Coda to ensure he is going to a home that really wants him, and I will donate that fee to an animal charity of the buyer's choice.
    Please forward this to any other rescue groups you may be a part of. Coda is a great dog with unfortunate circumstances, and I refuse to take him to a kill shelter. He deserves a shot at being part of a family that can take care of him.

  • Poor Coda but God bless you! Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone who is looking for a dog but I will keep my ear to the ground. He is a pretty dog. I hope you are able to find him a good home.


  • He might be part Brittany, that would be about the same size. He really is a pretty dog, hopefully you will find a good home soon. You might consider Petfinder, I know a lot of folks that check that sight often.

  • We found Coda a good home with Andrew's sister! Yay!

  • Congratulations Coda! A new forever home on new years day. A BIG thank you to Andrews sister. Andrew, ask your sister to up date us here from time to time on how Coda is adjusting to his new forever home.

  • @Andrew:

    We found Coda a good home with Andrew's sister! Yay!

    How wonderful

  • Unfortunately, Andrew's sister could not keep Coda. So he's back with us again. So if anybody wants a good dog, he's still looking for his forever home (although Lola was so depressed when he left the first time, I'm not sure she'll let us rehome him again!)

  • Could it be he has "found" his forever home?
    You just don't realize it yet?

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