Gypsy the Basenji needs a lifetime home

  • We are Cyprus Cat Rescue, an english couple that have dedicated our lives to helping sick, injured and abandoned cats and dogs. We rescued a female Basenji dog this year and have prepared her passport so she is ready to travel to the UK in September. We need to first find her a home to fly to. Would prefer she went to someone who already has experience with these type of dogs so know their temperament. She gets on well with other dogs although does not like to share her food. She is curious about cats so would not trust her 100% with them. She is approximately 2 years old and very affectionate. She is steralised and vaccinated. We just ask for a minimum donation towards the cost of the flight of 150 GBP, per passport has already been covered by us and we will raise the rest of the funds, hopefully with your help, to send her to her new home. Please email us for more information, also see our website, she is on the adoption page

  • I hope you have someone who will take her. I do have to say, we have many folks from overseas sending things like this that are just scams for funds. So we have all gotten a bit leary….

  • Hi! I actually posted about her before. I hope you find a home. 😞

  • Is this the bitch that was in your rescue last year? I had heard that she had been homed - did something go wrong or has she been returned?

  • We have had her about 6 months now and never posted her here before so it is difficult for me to answer any of your questions below but so far we have not had anyone come forward to offer her a home which surprises us as she is beautiful and a purebred.

    I know about the scams of people internationally pretending they have dogs to get money but you will see by our website and also we are on facebook that we are genuine and as we said we just want a donations towards the flight and we will raise the rest of the funds as we have always done with the help of others who sell unwanted items on ebay or a bootsales or just by doing collections amongst friends and family.

    I do hope we find her a good home as currently with over 100 animals in our care we just don't have any time for her and she yearns for attention.

  • I'm aware that you are a genuine rescue and of the wonderful work you do in Cyprus. Gypsy was mentioned at our club show and a small collection was made but no offers ofa home forthcoming. It's not easy to find homes in the UK for Basenjis but here's hoping….. She looks a pretty girl and I do wish you sucess in homing her and thank you for the good work you do.

  • Thanks so much Patty for your support.

  • Hello All
    My name is Steve and I have one BRAT rescue named MAX. He is 81/2 and is my shadow, my friend and a member of the family. He loves to walk but he doesn't want any dog near me. needless to say he is an only dog.

  • She is a beautiful girl and I hope she can find her forever home! May I inquire… why do you send rescues to England? I'm just curious.... 🙂

  • It is difficult to find homes for any kind of dog here and we wouldn't just give her to anyone 🙂

  • Hi June, I emailed you on Sat (20th) about Gypsy, but haven't heard back. Could you let me know if you have already found a home for her?

  • We didn't get any email. She is still available. Email us direct for a chat if you are interested.

  • Just emailed you again. If you don't get it today, could you email me at Thanks

  • June, Gypsy has been mentioned in the Breed notes in one of the UK dog papers, so hopefully you may get a response thorugh that. I don't recall how she came to be in Rescue. There can't be many Basenjis in Cyprus. Have you been able to discover her breeding?

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