Basenji foster homes in midwest, needed

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    I hate to beg but seem to be doing a lot of it lately. 😞

    There is a young M/F pair in IA needing a foster or they can be split and sent to two fosters. These two have lived indoors until recently.

    There are also 6 basenjis (3M/3F; DOB 2003 - 2005) in my area of IL needing fosters and coordinators. I can possibly get them moved to the kennel I use, but they will need somewhere else to go after they are spayed/neutered. I hope to get more details on personalities and training but they are from a small mill or possibly BYB type person so they will likely need at least a month in foster care.

    I am still coordinating several of the SD basenjis and have one foster. I cannot foster any of this group and I need volunteers who are willing to do some long-distance coordinating. If we do not take them, they will likely be sold to another breeder.

    Who wants to help?? Thanks in advance!!

  • Just in case you don't know. Foster homes are provided all vetting paid for by BRAT. crates, mostly whatever it takes to help the foster homes be successful in helping these b's.

  • Truly wish I could help with this, but I think I'm stretching the limits of my 500 sq ft urban home (and DH's patience, some days) with our two, including our new rescue boy. :o

    My daughter got involved with transporting our guy though and now she's a real basenji fan, along with my grandsons. Is it ok if foster homes have kids?

  • That would depend on the basenji.
    BUT if there is a chance your daughter can help, either with fostering or transports, please do have her contact Liz and see what is needed.
    Thanks so much for this post.

  • I wish I lived closer… If you could get one to Cinci! I would luv to help! Best of luck..It will all work out!

  • Thanks, sharron!

    Mom's getting a little burned out, and the extra help right now would go a long way.

    Fostering is so rewarding. If you have the time, please volunteer.

  • I'm the state screener for western PA, and I know that area (PA,DC,VA) are getting a lot of B's in too, so if anyone is closer to those areas, I'm sure BRAT could use the fosters!

    And I agree with Vegas- I've only been able to foster once and it was a great experience.. when I'm able, I will do it again for sure! I fostered two boys who got a second chance, and are now living happily with their new family!

  • Do you know the Brat Foster Cordinator in the Cinci., or close to Cincinnati area?

  • Most BRAT folks are not on this forum, they just don't have time so if you need to post to offer help, please go to
    Let them know the state you in, if your wanting to foster or transport, or what your interest is, in helping these b's.
    We do so badly need more hands.
    So, please!!! give it a try.

  • Sharon,

    We will be in IA this weekend for a family reunion, but will then be going back to MA. If you have a little guy or girl we may be able to take him/her on the plane with us. Right now we have a 7m old Basenji boy who is not neutered (we are showing him at the moment as well as other things), so a neutered female would be a must if that was who needed to be taken.

    At this point I think we can only foster not adopt…but it seems like the MA crew is good about getting basenji's homes in a hurry.

    Would this be something you were interested in?

  • Oh, yes, please, do post to the BRAT site and share the offer to transport.
    Please, please, please!

  • Sharon, can you email me I am having trouble figuring this out

  • Anyone who is traveling and has room for a crate can be part of this
    rescue group.
    It just takes a bit more, from you traveling and you might be able to save a dogs life.
    So, please, raise your hands, if you can help.
    We do so need you.

  • I emailed Liz but have not heard back. We are certainly willing to help.

  • I just heard that BRAT took in 10 more b's who have major medical needs.
    I am not sure of the area, but I do know they are overwhelmed this year.
    So, her contacting you might be a bit slower than anyone would wish.
    You an go to the BRAT web site and send them a note.
    Could be someone there is able to get you into the system quicker…

  • i did that as well. The email said we could donate through pay pal as well but I am struggling how to do that.

  • Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc.
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  • That really isn't much help.
    I am posting the treasurer to find out how to make it easier to post via paypal.

  • ok, lets try this.

    You can even use Paypal for donations by sending funds to

  • Dash, the this last post help you?
    I just send some $$ via paypal…

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