• Please everyone, open your hearts and homes to foster. I don't know why, but there is an overflow of Basenjis needing fosters. Right now GA brat has several being boarded and have a couple of more we are trying to get hold of from shelters. Tennessee just got a large group. No matter WHERE you are, please contact brat or even yell at me and I'll have them contact you if you can foster… short term, long term, only males, only females... you are desperately needed. We are so desperate we will gladly transport out of GA to local states so we get these dogs into a foster and out of kennels.

    All this coming at a time when I had to take a break from fostering (over dogged and 2 sick dogs in house)... breaks my heart. Please step up to the plate to help this wonderful breed.

    Our GA coordinator is Jack Austin. You can send me a private message and I will give you his contact info.

  • You folks do such a great job. I hope this post gets you more help.

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