R/W female needs a home - BRAT?

  • BRAT does sometimes have a wait, while we find a foster home to find the dogs needs.
    We always need more foster homes.
    Do let us know what happens to this girl please.

  • Thanks everyone for your responses - I have heard from BRAT in Michigan and we are working on getting this B to her.

    Fingers crossed the owner will release her! It's a strange situation… I don't fully understand what is going on but she is currently in Tennessee and the neighbors have been taking care of the B but she called a friend and asked her to go take the dog to the humane society before she gets back. ugh. people like this really tick me off.

  • She might need to be on thyroid medication although my Arnie's dad, Davie, was a big boy, pleasantly plump, when I rescued him. He did not need thyroid but he was not loosing weight on regular low cal so he went on prescription diet food. That did the trick along with frequent walks. He was fine once he lost the weight and could go back on regular food. He was 5 years old. I think he was free fed before I rescued him and probably ate the other B's food as well!

    I wonder what the neighbors are feeding her! Perhaps someone in TN could go check on her.

    Do you know who the breeder is? If reputable, they should be contacted.


  • I would think BRAT or any rescue would want to hear directly from the owner that the dog is surrendered, especially while the owner is out of town.

  • BRAT is very firm about having paperwork done re the transfer of any b into BRAT's system.
    The legal owners have to sign off on this..otherwise, they can say BRAT stole the dog.
    Its not always easy, in cases like this…but that is the policy.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    A friend of a friend in Michigan has ~7 year old r/w female that needs a home. The owner is saying she is going to drop her off at the humane society asap. She claims she called BRAT and there was a wait to get her dog into BRAT. I'm not sure how much is true, but I do know the dog needs somewhere to go. Sounds like she is very overweight but has a sweet disposition. From what I've heard, it sounds like the B has been neglected for some time and would be better off in a new home anyway.

    Does anyone know the Michigan BRAT representative? This dog is in Howell.

    The reason there was an issue is because the person who wants to surrender the dog is not the owner. The owner is not even in MI right now. BRAT is working on this situation.

  • I don't even have the words to say what I think about someone who would say "Oh yea, and get rid of the dog before I come home."

    that's all i'm saying

  • This dog is going to go to BRAT on Thursday. I got a call from BRAT this morning, and forwarded the info to my friend who forwarded it to her friend who discussed it with the owner of the B. Owner has been in touch with MI BRAT person and owners friend is going to bring the dog to BRAT.

    I don't know all the circumstances around this, and I really don't care anymore, as long as this girl gets the help she needs.

  • @debbi:

    The reason there was an issue is because the person who wants to surrender the dog is not the owner. The owner is not even in MI right now. BRAT is working on this situation.

    The owner asked someone to surrender the dog cause she was probably too ashamed to do it herself. That someone told a friend who called me for advice cause she knew I had basenjis and would probably know of some resources to help. There were apparently some tension over the fact that I tried to help - thinking I was butting into someone elses business. Sorry, but if someone instructs someone else to drop their B off at the shelter and I find out about it - I don't care who it upsets - I'm going to try to do what is best for the dog. And being dropped off at a shelter is not what is best for the dog if going into BRAT has not been explored properly.

    Anyway, hopefully this will be over soon. Too much drama.

  • Yes taking care of the dog is the MOST important thing.
    Good for you Michelle…you did good!!!

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