NV-Henderson-Elderly Female B Needs Home/Rescue

  • A BRAT person checked out the old dear girl. They wrote.
    This female B, Oakley, is currently residing in an empty house and is being fed twice a day by the owner's mother. She cannot take Oakley as her husband just passed away. She has a B, as well, but cannot care for another. The owner's brother, who placed the CL ad, has two Pits that are not friendly. The owner's wanted to dump Oakley at the pound, but the brother placed the ad in hopes of saving Oakley.

    She came up to me and my male coworker, when we arrived to, sniff us out. I was able to pet every part of her body, move her tail around, look at her teeth, play with her feet and pick her up without incident, as did my coworker. She has a doggy door and does know how to use it and she is house trained, not destructive whatsoever, and is very sweet. She lived with children from ages newborn to older and never bit, even though she had her tail and ears pulled by the little ones. She was never around cats. She has.badly yellowed teeth, many of which are nubs. She is very thin. Her hips look arthritic. She is mostly deaf. She has light cataracts. Her coat is dirty, greasy, and dull. Her back feel splay out. She has lots of energy still however!

    Currently, I observed that she is very distraught being in a completely empty house, alone without the people she knew her whole life. She seems confused and yodels out to make known her confusion.
    We are scrambling to find a place to foster her. Does anyone on the forum know someone who might help this dear b?

  • First Basenji's

    I cannot foster, but I will help transport her.

    I'm in the Bay Area, so if someone could help get her within a day's drive, I could help out. [EDIT: Posted info to the Bay Area Basenji meetup group to see if anyone can foster. I know we had at least one new member recently that was asking about fostering…]

    I just passed through Nevada, too… (was driving down I-80 on a five-day road trip).

  • Seems we have someone in BRAT to pick her up and keep her a few days. After vetting we will need something more for her. At least she won't be alone anymore..sigh.

  • BRAT is picking her up today. We really need a foster home for her. If anyone would like to take her into their home, please let me know.

    debbi j.

  • Maybe the owner's should have been placed out in the desert without companionship-wait that happened to Tom Hanks and he went a little loopy and talked to Wilson! I don't know how anyone could do that to an old girl.

  • First Basenji's

    Debbi, Sharron, I've e-mailed you both with a possible lead on a foster home.

  • @curlytails:

    Debbi, Sharron, I've e-mailed you both with a possible lead on a foster home.

    Hi, MC,

    Thank you so much for searching for a foster home for Oakley. The situation has now changed.

    I just spoke with BRAT member Michele who had picked up Oakley earlier this morning. She is now on her way to take Oakley back to the owner's mother. The mother called Michele several times to ask her to bring Oakley back, that she had a friend who was willing to take her. Hopefully this will work out. I asked Michele to give the lady her phone number in case it didn't work out, that we would still take her.

    This situation just gets sadder. We found out that Oakley's 16 year old basenji companion died within the last two months, so she had been grieving that loss, too. This really breaks my heart.

    M. C., we will be back in touch with you if we get Oakley back. Thank you so much for searching for a foster for her.

    Debbi Johnson
    BRAT Treasurer and Director
    Germantown, TN

  • Sounds like good news and bless all of you who care and are willing to help this old lady.

  • Oh, I hope it works out for her! She must be feeling so frightened and alone. 😞

    How wonderful of everyone to help this poor, sad dog.

  • This group and BRAT are great…everyone wants to do what they can to help these old
    dogs who fall on hard times.
    These type of b's just break my heart. Glad to hear this old dear will fall into soft hands.

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