• If you are looking for a basenji puppy, now is the time to apply. We have several litters of puppies available for great homes. To apply, go to this link.Adopt A Basenji
    Completing this form is a prerequisite to adopting a Basenji through Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc. To complete the form you must have a valid e-mail address. (Since this is primarily a Web-based organization, we depend almost entirely on communicating with you via e-mail. …

    All area's of the country will be considered, but it will be up to the new owners to pay for transport for the pup, or drive down to pick them up.
    I know of one that is being flown to Ca. So, if your looking for a puppy....:D

  • As time passes, the routine requires change. Puppies need more
    attention and bigger space (and make more poo…). The adults runs
    will also need to be moved. They are ready for more space and will
    need more airflow now that we are moving into the summer months in FL
    (the original set-up provided them more protection from the wind
    during our unusually cold winter). Hopefully, I will be able to set up
    a schedule to allow help from those that have offered - so much has
    been last-minute due to constantly changing needs. It will be much
    easier to accommodate drop-in help when they are in a larger area.

    Margaret, Anne, B. Ann and Debbi have been doing a wonderful job of
    attending to many details of coordinating that I simply don't have
    time to do right now - home visits, vet reference checks and
    placements suggestions all lined up so that I can just say yea or nay.
    Thanks to their efforts and many other volunteers who are doing the
    home visits, we have placed 8 of the first 9 younger pups, 3 of the 5
    five month old pups and one adult. JR has taken on Aisha, a b mom who
    has been going through culture shock in DC. We will be posting pups
    from the next litters shortly. Given that there are so many pups and
    so many homes that have been waiting for pups, the first batch was
    placed without posting to relieve demands on my time. Though the pups
    are remarkably well-balanced and similar (adopters have commented on
    how cuddly they are!), they do show personality differences. Placement
    decisions are still based on who fits each pup's needs. If you are
    interested in a pup and haven't already done so, please submit your
    application now by following the appropriate links at
    . You can express interest in a pup when they are posted, but early
    apps allow us to be better prepared by getting home visits done early.

    As always, I greatly appreciate everyone's support.

    Pam Hamilton
    FL District Coordinator
    Advisory Director
    Basenji Rescue and Transport

    A note from Debbi Johnson:

    If you are interested in adopting one of these basenjis, please submit an
    adoption application with BRAT.

    You will be added to an email list which gives notices of available
    basenjis. Before long, this group from Florida will be listed for adoption.
    BRAT strives to select the best home for each basenji we have in rescue.

    If you are interested in fostering, please stay tuned for another update
    coming to you soon.

    Each basenji that has left the group has gone home in a crate provided by
    Thanks again to the members of BCOA!

    So far, basenjis from this group have traveled to new homes in Washington
    VA, IN, AL, CA, and some have stayed in FL.

    Plans have been made for others to go to CT, NJ, KY, GA, LA, and NY.

    We appreciate your interest and support in the rescue of the Wimauma

    Debbi Johnson
    BRAT Treasurer & Director
    Germantown, TN

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