Fl- 2 tri-color nuetered males need a new home sphinx and simon both great dogs

  • We are located in Orlando FL and we need to find a new home for our 2 Basenji Males. We have had them both since they were pups. They are from different litters. We bought Sphinx at Petland and we found Simon in the paper and Sphinx needed a playmate. They have been together ever since and we do not want them separated. I have not been able to locate Sphinx's papers from Petland but he is pure full blooded Basenji and Simon does not have any papers but he is just 3 pounds heavier than his brother but you can tell by his markings that he is also full blooded. They are crate trained and Sphinx has a microchip Simon does not. All of there shots are up to date and they have never been sick for any reason. They eat Purina Pro Plan 1.5 cups once a day in the evening. Me and my wife love them very much but we both work full time and now have a 13 month old and she is due with my second son on April 17th. With both working full time and 1 infant and 1 toddler they will not get the love and attention that they deserve. It has been a struggle already with the birth of my first son. They need a family that has a yard and some time to exercise and play with them They would also do well with an elderly couple or person that is retired and has a lot of time to spend with them and likes long walks or runs. They are very friendly and good with children and love attention. Any questions please ask. I want to see them go to a great home and need to make sure they are not split up. They are very house trained and are both very smart fun dogs just like most Basenji's. It is not at all about money but if you put free dog they will not go to a good home. Price is very negotiable but we would like to get at least $300 for both dogs and there are many extras that we can sell also if interested. For $500 I will also give there 4 beds and a big metal crate with them and also there leashes and any extra collars and preventives that I might have. Again make sure that a duo of Basenji's is right for you before you inquire. Thank You very much and I hope we can find them a nice happy home again any questions please ask or call or text 321-615-8760.

    Here is a link to the ad I also have on Craigslist so you can see pics of them:


  • Since they did not come from a responsible breeder, have they been DNA tested for Fanconi? It would be a good thing to have them tested before you try and place them. If you do not know about Fanconi, please go here and read about it. http://www.tanzabasenjis.net/healthB.html

    I would suggest that you contact BRAT (Basenji Rescue) at www.basenjirescue.org

    However they will not purchase them.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful post here on the Forum. There are several people on here that are from Florida that may be able to help you place your dogs together…. "Mac Pack" lives nearby (Tampa area), and she has many connections with the Basenji community in Florida. "Shaye's Mom" lives in the Orlando area and may have some suggestions too. (As you may know, many people with basenjis know people who are interested in the breed.)

    We understand your request to keep them together, and I hope that someone is looking for 2 beautiful boys!

    Hugs and Roos, and congratulations on your new baby!:)

  • Thank you for all your help. I found Sphinx's Certificate of Pedigree and the Breeders name is Sheila Allen. He is ACA registered. The certificate says Lambriar Inc. Also looking at the paper work I was off on there age Sphinx was born on Nov. 22 in 2006 and Simon was born on Jan. 10th 2007 so Sphinx will be 6 in Nov. and Simon in Jan. I also have the Sire and Dam reg. #'s. I do not know much about breeding or breeders. Thanks again and hope to find them a good home soon.

  • I still would suggest that you do Fanconi DNA. These (sorry to say) are not responsible breeders so there could be health issues.

  • When would Fanconi show up? What age or does age not matter? Where and how much might this testing cost? I would be willing to get this done if new owner wanted me to do so. Thank you for the info.

  • Fanconi can symptoms can start as early as 2 years old but may not manifest until after the age of 10 years old. The cost of testing is $65 per dog and the test kit can be ordered from the OFA website, http://www.offa.org/dnatesting/fanconi.html

  • Thank you for the info. Do you think if I get this testing done it will significantly increase chances of finding them a home much sooner? If the results are in there favor. If so I will get it done ASAP my wife is due April 17th and I want them to be placed before she delivers. Thanks again

  • Have you contacted BRAT?

  • I sent them an email. I just want them to stay together and we are not willing to separate them. They have been together for 5 years now and get anxiety when separated. Thank you all for all the useful info and hope to find the right parents soon.

  • BRAT can insure they will be placed together, they will sometimes get in pairs of dogs that cannot be separated.

  • I agree, BRAT does get in pairs and ask they be adopted together plus BRAT works really hard to ensure placement are suitable and going to good homes. If your looking for a basenji savvy home them I would say "yes, getting the fanconi test will help getting them placed"…anyone not savvy or not caring to know about basenji genetic conditions won't care if theyre tested or not)

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