• There is a young boy listed in the Dayton Fl humane society …. I can't tell if he's a purebred or not, but he sure is cute! His name is "Bryson", but I don't know if that's from a surrender or a creative volunteer at the shelter. This shelter doesn't appear to participate in petharbor or petfinder.


    Is there anyone from Florida that can rescue this boy?

  • Gosh he's a nice looking tri boy. Doesn't Lola need a partner in crime?

  • Oh, Anne, I'm so lucky that my husband doesn't visit here! 🙂 Actually, I sent an email to this shelter asking them about this boy and a female r/w girl that was on Craig's List, where the lady found the red girl and ended up surrendering her… Here is her ad:

    UPDATED: 12/1 Basenji - type looking female dog. Tan with white tip on tail and neck. Has a collar but no tags. Friendly and smart. I live outside of the Cassadaga/Lake Helen area. Please call (386) 775-0503 and identify name on collar. I cannot keep her so, as much as I'd hate having to do it, I will have to call Animal Control soon to come get her. It is now Dec. 1st and I still have her. She is really a sweet dog, but I already have too many animals and just can't keep her.

    So, while looking for this pretty girl, I found that boy… so, since my hubby isn't on here:
    I'll take them both in, but then you WILL see me on Sunday mornings for sure! (I'm gonna have to skip church soon so that our dogs can meet! I live far enough away from the park that I can't do both! :))


  • I called the Halifax County Humane Society and the boy above was surrendered… he is already neutered... I am willing to go get him, but I can't have a third dog because of my homeowner's association... Does anyone here want him?

  • I was just looking at the website for this organization, and I just realized that even though it is considered a humane society, the majority of the animals are euthanized. (In 2007, 2900 were adopted, 11,000 were euthanized.) http://www.halifaxhumanesociety.org/…tatistics.html

    Can someone here contact BRAT? 🙂 Like I said, I will gladly get little Bryson, I just can't keep him forever.

  • Most humane societies are NOT "no kill". Most euthanize at least 30 percent of animals they call "adoptable" and closer to 70 percent of all as they make any older, large etc list as "unadoptable" to keep their numbers low.

  • I sent it to Debbie, but really you can do it directly to her also.

  • I work for a humane society. Any aggressive or sick (that they don't consider something they'd treat) will be put down. They will try to work with the shyer new dogs if that's a possible cause of aggression, giving them some time to chill. They're very strict on the illness issue. Plus older, larger dogs are normally put down. Smaller ones since they tend to live longer are given a bit more time. But once an animal is considered cleared for adoption it stays available unless it becomes sick or aggressive, and people tend not to understand just because their pet is "perfect" now that after being in a shelter environment for a while can change them. Our longest timers have currently been there for 6 months, hoping to find them loving homes this holiday season! 🙂

  • Thank you, Debra… I don't know Debbie, unless it's your alter-ego, lol. 🙂

    And Ellusionz, I hope I didn't give off the wrong impression that the people at this humane society were monsters... I just didn't realize that humane societies had to euthanize dogs for reasons besides aggression, sickness, etc. And THANK YOU for working at a humane society, for I would not be able to do that! I'm glad that you are able to give love for these hopeful pets, as they wait for their (next) forever home.

    My husband read this thread over my shoulder and while we don't want to have 3 dogs (and cannot according to our HOA)… he's willing to let me rescue this dog. No, I cannot rescue all 11,000 of them, but I can pick one. 🙂

    In the meantime... does anyone want a beautiful tri boy? 🙂

  • I didn't think you were giving that impression don't worry 🙂 I just like to explain things that the shelters do. I do question a lot of the animals they decide won't be put up for adoption, I'm sure my manager is ready to fire me because of it LOL. I also try to explain to people there really is no such thing as a no-kill shelter. A responsible shelter will not try to place aggressive animals, they may foster the ones that could possibly be retrained or ill/injured ones. But unfortunately there are very few people who will want to take on that kind of work. And thank you every one who happen to be those people! And I try to tell the people who feel the county animal services are such bad places that they truly aren't. Many of them refuse to rescue an animal from there because they aren't "no kill" which doesn't make much sense to me. Shouldn't that be your first stop then if you're truly rescuing? 😕 But I digress, good luck in finding this lovely guy a home! 🙂

  • Patty, we now only have our 2, but they are so bonded and such a pair that I'm afraid any other dog will be 'third man out' and not only not fit, but would be 'us against the outsider' and picked on. Not sure I could handle three 'tri-ing tris' either! But, you and your husband are saints for helping all the dogs you rescue on your own.
    Pam (BRAT) well may take him on (if not a mix) once you have him, same with the red girl. She may well know of foster homes in the area as well. That tri boy is really handsome, sigh.
    Our Humane Society became a "no kill" (except of course for very sick) shelter several years ago (after bad publicity) but now they are just very selective about what animals they take: no strays or found dogs, nothing not adoptable! When they have empty space, they do go out to County Animal Control and pull small, adoptable dogs and give them a chance, which I think is awesome. The reality is that space is limited and you can't just take in everything, feed, and house with a finite space and budget.

  • Good and Sad news.. Bryson was adopted out today… hopefully, to a forever home. 🙂

    The female basenji was euthanized yesterday; the shelter's notes stated she was too skittish to adopt out and she had a skin condition. 😞

  • Oh good, hopefully Bryson will have a good home, I had been talking to Eddie and nicky about a roommate but they were not receptive!

    Too bad about the female. I do understand that shelters do not have unlimited resources, especially for difficult or unhealthy dogs, but it is still sad. As you said, good news and sad news. You are so special for trying to save all the basenjis, posting notices, etc. Many kudos for you!

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