• I saw this ad on Petfinder:

    Riley is a 3 year old, 33 lb male Basenji. He is an energetic boy who gets along with most other dogs and would do well in an active family with older children.Riley has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. ADOPTION FEE: $150

    Riley's Contact Info
    Pet Pal Animal Shelter, Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Isn't he overweight at thirty-three pounds? He's cute.

  • He doesn't look overweight in the picture- maybe he's just big, i.e., tall and long?

  • I would say overweight….. look how "filled" his belly area is... but he is cute... could use a diet with his new forever home..

  • Basenjis in St. Pete may be related to the Wimauma dogs (same "breeder", all are very large basenjis). He doesn't look slim, but I don't see a bulging belly, either.
    Lucky for us he isn't black & white, whew! I would not be able to resist.

    I'll share with everyone I know…

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