Two year old Male Basenji R/W requires new home - UK

  • I know of a super Red & White male Basenji who requires a new home through NO fault of his own. He is a young male only two years old who's current owners are no longer able to look after his needs to a suitable standard, due to a change in circumstances. He is good with other dogs and used to children, however he will need a suitable home for life with a good strong daily routine. Please do contact me for further information.

  • Aww, poor little guy.

    I dont think my little pack would appreciate the addition of another basenji, especially a boy but it sounds like he will make someone a lovely pet. What an awful decision for his owners to have to make..

    I hope he finds a lovely home very soon.

  • Thanks Jess. Yes, it is stressful for me too! It is so difficult to find the right owners for these dogs, however hard you try, people are sometimes not what you thought they were! The doggy in question is a super boy so i just need to find a lovely home for him asap.

  • I am pleased to say this matter is now resolved!

  • That's great news 🙂
    We weren't in a position to help at this time as we are getting a pup in 5 weeks

  • That's great news:D

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