FL-Cocoa-5 Year Old R&W Male & Female PB-In Shelter

There is little information about these two. Roxy and Romo are spayed and neutered and are partially housetrained. They have been in the shelter since May 9.

I have not contacted the shelter to see if they are still there. Cocoa FL is approximately 50 miles East of Orlando.

Here are their Petango pages:



Here is the shelter webpage:



5yr olds and partially house trained???

First Basenji's

I just now tried to click on the link and Petango's message is that they are no longer available for adoption, hope this is good news!!!!

Usually if the owners say a dog is housetrained to the shelter but then the dog messes in the kennel, the shelter will sometimes either state partially housetrained or unknown. Many times, rescues who helps with the dogs from the shelter will state that the dog keeps the kennel clean and goes immediately outside when walked so they assume the dog is housetrained.

I hope they were adopted together!


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