R/W M Tampa FL craigslist

R/W M (Sun City Center) Tampa - says his parents were both Best in Show. Anyone know who the breeder is? http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/pet/1910394731.html

Post to them and ask his background.
Hard to tell if the breeder is placing him or an owner is…

If she is not the breeder, the breeder needs to be contacted. Most contracts from reputable breeders require that the owners contact them if they are unable to keep the dog.

This one looks like some other recent scam posts, doesn't it? Who raises a thoughtfully-bred basenji and advertises odorless, danderless on craigslist?

I have seen petstores advertise them as such although not danderless, usually as barkless, odorless, shedless, and apartment dogs! Anything to sell a pup!

I've sent a fairly detailed message (lots of questions) to the poster on Craigslist, and will let you all know when I get an answer.

We'll be anxious to hear what the poster has to say - he's a nice looking boy -

Do Shaye and Gemma need a brother??????


Do Shaye and Gemma need a brother??????

No, they do not need a brother - I'm in no position to take another in, and am more likely to be thinking of the opposite…..😕

STILL no reply to my email to them. Will update you all if/when I get one.

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