R/W basenji pup in OR

R/W 10-month-old spayed female looking for a home.

UTD on vaccinations and fanconi test results pending.

Sweet, silly, cuddly and energetic girl loves hanging with my B/W male and my R/W male pup.
Would do well with basenji males AND children.
Leash- house- and crate-trained.

Pictures available upon request.
Email me at bennyburnerbono at aol dot com.

Oh if only we lived in the USA 😞
She sounds lovely, hope she gets a great home

New pictures of Cha Cha:

And my favorite pic of her telling Hot Rod to STEP AWAY FROM THE BONE!

She's gorgeous Kathy, surely someone will be able to offer her a home?


She is a beauty..I love the snark picture..

Her and Hot Rod both are nice looking. I wish you best of luck.

Rita Jean

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