R/W basenji (mix?) LA High Kill shelter

  • hi all, i don't post much but this lil guy caught my eye.
    the site doesn't give much info but I was able to call and ask about him.
    He is in a high kill shelter is Los Angeles, California and they told me he could be PTS at any time.
    Was hoping someone here would know anyone in that area who could take him? or a foster group? His adoption fee is $122. I believe that includes his neuter and shots.
    I DO have a friend in LA willing to pay his fee and can house him for a little bit, but cannot keep long term.

    so info:
    SWIPER - ID#A1166188
    3 years old, 28 lbs.
    Been at shelter since Nov. 2nd 2010

    Once i figure out how to get his picture up here i will post that as well.

  • Talk to Karen at MedFly (basenjirescue.com) - she is down in SoCal. And of course BRAT has ppl there too

  • We sent an email and called/left a message, but thought couldn't hurt to post here as well.

    I no longer live in LA, else i would take him myself, but have friends there that want to help a Basenji in need.

  • He is a lovely looking boy. I hope he gets a home soon.

  • Well, we were able to get the help of a local rescue group and were able to have him pulled from that shelter. Still looking for a home for this sweet little boy.
    He IS a mix, however, my friend who is housing him says he is ALL basenji. lol

    He smacks at toys, and does little growley noises at them, and has already done a B-500 around the backyard. his tail isn't curled however, but more sickle shaped.
    Will give more details about his boy as i get them, for those interested. Just asking that those on this forum help spread word about him and help him get a home.
    Also, we do have new pictures taken today of him. enjoy!

  • Thank you so much for saving this dog.

  • He is adorable, and thank you for getting him out of Jail! I look forward to the happy ending… 🙂

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