This girl/boy is in danger. I received an e-mail regarding dogs at the Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Here is the information I received but it is geared toward 501c3 rescues. If you know of a rescue that would be interested please forward. If you know someone who wants to adopt I assume there will be a charge.

All dogs will be vetted at no charge which will include alter, hw test, shots and microchip. Rescues that pull from LMAS must be an approved 501c3

These dog are at Louisville Metro Animal Services in Louisville, Ky and are in need of rescue. LMAS is a high intake facility taking in over 14,000 animals a year. In an effort to save as many lives as possible however, we are waiving all pull fees for rescue organizations. If you are able to help save any of these babies please email me at If you have never pulled from us and would like to be an approved rescue please email me and I will be more than happy to get you an application!


1 year old female gets along with others about 20 lbs

Listed on Petharbor as a male and a Chi mix-but pretty large for a Chi mix! The picture is not good on Petharbor-all dark!

I have not contacted the shelter regarding this dog.