IN/IL-Morocco-Young Male Basenji/Chi Mix-In Shelter-Has Separation Anxiety

  • He has the body of a Basenji and running style too (has a picture of him chasing a Beagle-looks like a lure courser) but has the head of a Chi. He is a cute looking boy! He is listed as special needs because of his separation anxiety. I am not sure how the shelter knows this unless he is in a foster home. Dogs will act totally different outside of the shelter environment.

    I have not contacted the shelter to see if he is still available.

    The shelter is located approximately 75 miles south/southeast from Chicago, IL and 35 miles south/southeast of Kankakee. It is located in a county adjacent to IL. It is also located 115 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

    Here is his Petfinder page:


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