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I don’t think Fromm has ever been recalled.
Been using it for years. They do have a customer loyalty program.
Barely using it anymore, Fozz wants raw food,
Cats will munch on some kibbles.

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Eldorado Basenjis is the only reputable breeder that I can think about close to us

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We have a possum/ possums and raccoons coming every day and they are actually nice with ducks and cats.

On the pic it looks like a cat in a tree though..?

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I also just read the “put offs”

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Thank you so much for your input/ responses.
At this point I really doubt that it will be a good fit unless it’s some kind of ideal situation. The cats were around dogs pretty much their entire lives and they would probably walk right to a new dog with no hesitation. Same with ducks. They are in the pen in the back yard at night but they walk around the yard with dogs and cats during a day. The parrot, it’s a large Macaw and I would not worry about him, he can be very intimidating and has quite a vocabulary to scare anyone away!) After having Shar Pei for over 16 years, in my experience, they are the nicest/ easiest dogs to have with some exceptions. My vets loved all of them.
Getting a Border Collie I was kind of prepared to deal with something like a Basenji and everyone around was saying.., oh! a crazy dog. She is a bit weird but not in a bad way, I guess because she was raised with Shar Pei she is a lazy couch potato.. and that’s one of a reason I want to get a companion for her, to make her move..My daughter wanted to ran a marathon with her.. she ran 1 1/2 circles - perimeter of our yard and came back home. No interest in freesbes either.

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Hi, I’ve been a member of this forum for a while, reading/ getting info about basenjis but never had one. At this point after our Great Dane and 3 of our Shar Pei passed at the ages of almost 11, 12.2 , 14.2 and the last one just in April.. 12.4 years old... cancer.. We are down to one lazy 4 y.o Border Collie, 3 cats, 2 ducks and one Blue and Gold Macaw parrot. Just wanted to ask for advice if this breed can possibly be a good match for us. We are not necessarily considering a puppy, more like an older dog. The breed attracts us because like Shar Pei they are independent and cat like clean, and very smart. The concerns are.. being destructive while left alone, but we only go for vacation once a year for about a week and have a pet sitter living at the house. I work from home. Both front and back yards are fenced and there’s almost 15 acres next to refuge to walk. And also cats and birds that used to be around dogs and are not scared of them at all. Kids are 16 and 12 y.o.., been around animals their entire life. We are in CT.

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Just like any other breed, shar pei have breed specific issues, skin really wouldn't be my major worry! If you'll purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder with healthy lines and keep it on natural food+ supplements you certainly can avoid a lot of problems! I don't want to go into specifics on this board but can e-mail you a few links and there's also awesome shar pei forum with knowledgeable folks who can guide newbies.

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You are probably not into shar pei because they are so different?
But they are wonderful, just like Basenjis they are very clean, cat like and easy to housebreak, quiet and independent.

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Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Female
ID: 102 armani
ARMANI came in on:
This dog is available for adoption/euthanasia on:
This dog came in as a stray and there is no background information.
If interested please contact by phone @ 330-740-2205 EXT 2 to adopt this precious dog.


Mahoning County Dog Pound
Youngstown, OH
(330)740-2205 - dial 1 or

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Any food change may trigger diarrhea, it can take a week or so for a dog to get used to a new food, either kibble or canned. It took me a lot of trial and error to find a kibble that all 3 of mine liked…and their bodies liked as well. Good luck.

Absolutely right! It takes about 3 weeks for my dogs to switch gradually from one formula to another. We've been through at least a dozen different formulas during the last 5-6 years with different results. I try switching once a year/change the main protein source because they are picky and are getting bored even though I always add some yammy stuff like yogurt or cottage cheese or eggs or canned sardines, canned meat….+ supplements, I also never feed dry, always soaked/mixed.

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