B&W Basenji (mix?) in Memphis Animal Shelter

  • First Basenji's

    Aurgh, sorry, I can't seem to find the list of regional coordinators for BRAT right now, so I don't know who to alert. I already crossposted this to the BRAT Facebook page, but I might as well post here…


    "Stella Rose needs immediate help. Stella Rose is developing an upper respiratory infection and needs out of the shelter fast. She is on medication, but there is no way to safely isolate her: Here is stellar Stella Rose! Look at the beautiful doggie! Stella Rose was picked up as a stray, and she needs a new home that will keep her safe. Stella Rose is listed as a Shepherd x, check out her ears! She is a beautiful black and white girlie. Stella Rose's id number is 231570, and she is waiting just for you in cage 21. Please come in and meet this charming girl! Stella Rose would love to be playing in your yard and sleeping on a soft bed at night!!"

    Comments (copied from Facebook):
    Theresa Messina Locastro Stella Rose is a Basenji….they are wonderful dogs and I will send this to all my friends with basenjis. They are people dogs for sure!!!!

    Lynea Rogers do i need a fenced yard. i have a big yard just not fenced yet. i would love to help if i can.

    Theresa Messina Locastro yes!!!!! they are master escape artist...they are hilarious!!!

    Theresa Messina Locastro may I ask where you found her? they are not that common..

    Friends of Memphis Animal Services Theresa, we are not sure where she was picked up, but the shelter gets more Basenji that you would think. She does not have the curled tail that we see in may of them, and she is probably a little heavily built than some that come in.

    Karen D. Longo i love basenji's !!!

    Theresa Messina Locastro sometimes, my basenji's tail does not curl and she is 28 1/2 pounds which is unusual, too. She is a pure bred…looks like Stella is around my dog's age. I will post to my friends and even if she is not basenji, they may take her. She's a beautiful dog. thanks.

    Crystal Stevens Wilroy Lynea you shouldn't need a fenced in backyard. That's only if the dogs breed is pit bull. Please help if you can.

    Anna Bolton Crystal, basenjis are known for two things--singing and being escape artists. This dog looks to be at least part basenji.

    Anna Bolton ‎(and therefore would need a good fence)

    Tracee Rene' Burton I suggested a fence for all doggies. 🙂

    Ashley Lowe Very cute! Has she found a home yet?


    The comment in red sort of disturbs me. Memphis Animal Shelter has a horrid track record of euthanizing 3/4s of the dogs in their care, and I sincerely hope they've got BRAT regional coordinators on speed dial if this is the case. Whatever the case with this girl, she needs out.


  • Will contact BRAT directly.

  • Debbi is going to look at the dog tomorrow, I just talked to her and gave her the links.

  • First Basenji's

    Great!! Thank you ladies.

  • I just went to the Memphis Shelter and saw Stella Rose. She's a sweet girl, and is a mix of some sort, but not a basenji mix. They had her in another area so that she could be treated for her cough. I have pulled basenjis from this shelter before. I filled out a new Partnership agreement since we weren't on their list anymore for some reason. This shelter is relocating to a new building soon and will have much more space, which is really needed.

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks for the update, Debbi. I really hope they stay on top of things and make sure to call BRAT if they ever have a basenji. This shelter's in the national spotlight for some really awful accountability and leadership problems. The less time ANY dog spends in there, the better… unfortunately, a lot of times it means the dogs are being dragged directly to the kill room. 😞

    Anyway, thank you for checking. I hope someone can swoop in to help her soon -- she's a cutie, whatever she is.

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