B/W Basenji @ PAWS in Chicago

  • Hi all!! Just wanted BRAT to know there is a 2 year old B/W Basenji female at PAWS Chicago. My daughter just visited with her and said she's a real laid back little cutie. I don't have any other information other than the shelter folks said there may be an adoption pending but they're unsure if it will work out.

    Here's the link… http://www.pawschicago.org/adoptions/dogs-available-for-adoption/hojo/

    Wish I could get her but my Tyler is 13 and slowing down a bit now and I'm sure a youngster in the house might just tip the balance against him since my Katie (9years old) already rules the roost.

    Maybe someone in the Chicago BRAT grapevine can give a call and check on this little lady.

    Thanks!! Dawn

  • Dawn I am contacting BRAT, but it's always good to do that directly

  • I hope the shelter will work with BRAT.

  • Hi Sharron, that's my hopes as well.

    Debra, I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. Should I have contacted BRAT myself instead of posting here?

    Thanks, Dawn

  • I don't know if BRAT can get her or not but I thought I'd pass on this info about the shelter. I have a friend who is VERY involved in rescue in the Chicago area and this is what she says about the shelter "That shelter is awesome. It's almost like a resort! Animals rescued by them are very lucky." I don't think she would make a statement like that unless it was true. If BRAT isn't able to get this B at least it sounds like she is in the ideal shelter.

  • One of Zoni's sisters escaped from her owner a while back and this girl has very similar markings to the puppy pics I have (and from what little I can see) or her. She would be chipped though. I'm not sure exactly what part of IL she lived but I don't think it was in Chicago. Any history if it was a surrender versus a stray?

  • Ty Nemo for the response. I will call tomorrow and ask about chip scanning. Can you advise me about chip migration,( ie..product name and typical path of migration??) so I can respectfully ask them to scan again.

    Nemo, no info on history, but I have a gut feeling it was a surrender. I'll call my daughter and see if she knows.

  • Yodel, you are spot on in your response…..my Erika said that PAWS Chicago is a wonderful facility. As a matter of fact, Erika found this lovely Basenji lady because she not only visits Paws off and on, but she has her employment application on file for PAWS.

  • I think this is probably a long-shot that it is Dewey (I forget the name her owner gave her), but the chip would be an AKC chip (Trovan is the manufacturer). I don't know much about chip migration, Zoni's hasn't moved and we check it each time we go to the vet. I would be very certain that the chip is registered because her breeder registered my dog's chip before we left the house with her.

  • I think its standard for all vets/shelters to scan most of the dogs "area" when looking for chips.

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