• There are 2 females in a kill shelter in Wichita, KS. I have their rescue planned for tomarrow however the BRAT volunteer is only able to foster short term. If anyone on forum is interested in adopting two girls estimated to be under 2 years old please apply to BRAT. We have so few foster volunteers in KS, even fewer applicants, and have rescued and placed two basenjis from this shelter already this month. Transport can be arranged a reasonable distance. We will consider separating them.
    Liz Newton, IL
    Regional Coordinator

  • Just trying to keep this in the new posts. If you can or know anyone who can foster these guys. Please contact BRAT or send me a PM and I will get you the info.

  • Let us know any news on the girls please wish you luck.

    Rita Jean

  • Did you get the two girls?

    Rita Jean

  • The two girls were picked up yesterday, are reported to be very sweet and getting along fine with resident dogs. They are in a short term foster home. I am looking for another foster or an adopter to take them by Thanksgiving. If anyone is available to help please let me know.

  • I am so happy you got them out of kill shelter. I hope you can find them a home please keep us posted. Thank you.

    Rita Jean

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