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Miko has found a wonderful new home complete with a basenji friend! Thank-you to everyone for all your suggestions, offers and help. A big (huge…massive....giant) thank-you to BRAT and its amazing volunteers for all their hard work.

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Arlene: Sorry to take so long to respond. I have an idea. May you please e-mail me at or provide me with an e-mail contact if you're still interested?

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Joanne: will do!

Arlene: whereabouts in Ontario are you? (I am willing so do some travel if it means Miko gets a good home)

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BRAT and BCOC, contacted. Check!

Joanne: Thanks for considering him. Miko previously lived with a senior (a 13 yr old grumpy Westie), they got along well, but it was quite the entertaining dynamic; she had no use for Miko's shenanigans and he thought otherwise.

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Thank-you for all the advice. I did end up contacting the breeder; she will not take Miko back. She says she is willing to post him up on her website and pass along my information if someone is interested, but no more than that.

To Jennier: Miko was bred in Quebec, Canada (we currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). I submitted Miko's information on the BRAT site to help have him re-homed.

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Thank-you for your responses. Contacting the breeder would be a great idea, but she has a home with many dogs (she breeds labs, basenjis and bull terriers), and Miko can be aggressive when initially meeting new dogs so I fear this situation would not be ideal for him. I'm hoping to find a great family that is well suited for him and his needs. Any other thoughts?

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ADOPTED! Miko has found a happy home complete with a Basenji buddy!

Success story!

Thank-you for all your help, suggestions and offers.

[Miko is a 2 and a half year old purebred (and stunning handsome) black and white basenji (with papers). I'm absolutely heart-broken to have to give him up but after a split, and a demanding work schedule Miko is not getting the attention he needs.

Miko would be best suited in a busy household with active members who could walk or run with him, at a minimum, daily. Miko love, love, loves to be out and about with his family! Miko will adore all members of your household, be wary of strangers and those who grab his tail unexpectedly. Miko loves the company of other dogs, but they might have a rocky start; he can be aggressive with dogs he doesn't know, but this phase doesn't last long. Miko previously lived with another dog, and has several doggie friends. He is house broken and knows the commands, "sit", "stay", "down" and "paw". He will be an amazing addition in properly suited family.]

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