Foster homes desperately needed!

  • Posted with permission:

    We are in need of foster homes ? so much so that we are having to cut back our internet searches for Basenjis in need of rescue.

    As you may be aware, Tania Doran does daily internet searches looking for Basenjis in need of rescue. She has recently been asked to suspend searches in the North East Region due to a shortage of foster homes.

    There are also shortages in the Midwest, especially Texas, and in New Mexico. Searches there may also have to be suspended soon. If you live in these areas and can foster a dog, please contact me and I will help you get the process started. Once you are cleared to foster, the decision regarding whether to accept a particular dog for fostering is up to you.

    Please consider fostering a dog. We have some very nice young dogs coming in because of the financial situations of their owners and we have seniors who are coming to us for the same reason.

    BRAT can sometimes board a dog until a foster home becomes available but this is an expensive process. If you are unable to foster, a contribution to be used for boarding costs would also be appreciated.

    Please help if you are able.

    Thank you.

    B. Ann Hageman
    BRAT Volunteer

  • Please consider fostering-it is joy to help a Basenji! I have fostered two in the last few years-one a young Basenji who had pups at a shelter and an elderly female whose owners were going into an assisted care facility and were going to have her euthanized within a few days if not rescued. The elderly girl lived a few more years-just shy of her 17th birthday. She had never lived with other dogs before and she was fine with my pack-but my dogs knew that she was older and wanted to be left alone. She was spunky though and would nip at them if they got out of line!

    If I was not having health problems, I would foster one!


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