Older basenji, desperate situation needs home

  • Posted with permission from Jack Austin:

    Ben is an almost 13 y/o R & W basenji in the Atlanta area needing immediate foster or foster to adopt. He is a good looking Boy who could easily pass for 5 or 6 Y/o. Ben is very people friendly. He currently lives with a Bichon, cats are unknown. He is not destructive indoors or out, but insist that he go out and potty on a leash. He has never, until now had a fenced yard so his owner has always taken him out to potty. He will not potty in the fenced yard unless he is leashed. He does not know what a crate is. He sleeps in the bed with his owner. He and his owner have been moved to the Atlanta area from California so that his owner can undergo radiation and chemo therapy. They are with his owners daughter and she insist that she can no longer take proper care of him. Ben's owner has been doing his best to care for him but is weak and can't move around well. He has fallen on two occasions while walking Ben.

    Is there anyone who is looking for an older R/W boy?? Transportation within a reasonable distance will possibly managed by a BUR.

    Send me a private message if you can help

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