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after losing kenta back in feb. i've been looking for a brindle also he died from blastomcosis )
the lady i got him from says he was a rare one but i grew up with
a black and white and got another he has such a attitude and i love
him the rodent if you happen to find more than one let me know PLEASE

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i new to working on computers and i would like to adopt one of
the younger basenjis how do i go about this

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hi i just lost my kenta to blastomycosis here in kenosha wis.
he was only 2yrs and 2 months old. He was a beautfiul b. boy
and i got him and his brother when they were 3 months old.
18 days ago he came down with blasto and i put him down
yesterday. He had over 20 boils and labored breathing. he
was barely a grown up dog and now he is gone. mom

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i've just lost one of my basenji;s i live in kenosha wis. he contracted blastomycosis about 15 days ago
and because of how bad it became weput him down monday. He was so basenji stubborn and aloof
but cute and playful. His brother dosen't seem to understand what's happen because kenta lived
down stairs with my brother. Who didn't seem to want to understand basenji's. I should have never
have gotten him for my brother. Back in november i wanted to take kenta in for peeing in the house
i thought it was fanconi disease and now it's feb and it popped up and over took him. He was covered
with boils and labored breathing. He's alsleep now and he's with my dad and 1st basenji running after
squirreals and bunnies. signed loving mom

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