• Hello,

    Well, im looking at getting Maya fanconi tested but im not sure exactly what i have to do 😕 I assumed that i just took her to the vet, had a blood test done then had that sent over to the lab in America, but after some discussion at the show at the weekend it seems its not that simple.. :rolleyes:

    So how do i go about getting Maya tested??



  • As you are overseas, I think the cheek swab would be the best option, rather than sending liquid blood overseas. That's about all the help I can be, but I'm sure you'll get better tips from some of the others.

  • We just tested our boys, we entered our information at OFA and paid by creditcard.
    After a few days, we got two test form back home. (we had to fill out two forms on the internet for information about our boys)

    A very good "step by step" information form about the testing and twee swabs (we don't speak english very good and it was easy to understand for us)
    After ten minuts, both tests were done and after the drying period we send everyting back to OFA.

    It cost us about 1,5 hours (including the dry period of the swab card)

    I don't know how it goes with a blood test, but I think it's very easy like the cheak swab test.

  • I just ordered mine yesterday for Aaliyah. Granted I'm in the states, but I think the procedure is the same.

    Register your dog with the Canine Phenome Project:
    On that site, go to "Signup" or "Enroll your dog" and complete the registration.

    After your dog is enrolled, it will prompt you to order the kit and bring up a new screen for offa.org. The page it brings you to is the cheek swab kit, you order it and pay for it on that site. During checkout it gives you the option of shipping to another country.

    I'm sure someone will pipe in if there is a different procedure for overseas folk, but I think that is all there is to it.

  • Hi Jess

    Yes, enrol your details and then your dogs details at CPP website - Canine Phenome Project. Then follow link to OFA shopping cart. Or google OFA - Orthapaedic Foundation for Animals. You will need Maya's reg no, microchip (if app), and both parent's reg nos.

    You pay upfront for the swabs (about ?40 - ?45) depending on exchange rate. It takes about 1 week for swab to arrive. Follow instructions carefully and return as air mail to the given address. Results take 3 - 4 weeks.

    It seems quite tricky the first time you do it. Any probs just ask.

  • The swabs are a lot more simple than the old blood test if you're not used to blood testing. i like it a lot better.

  • Houston

    Yes, I just did the swab tests a few weeks ago and it was fairly simple, a little nerve wrecking on my part thinking I had contaminated the swab or piece of paper with the test on it, but everything went smooth after that. The only real important thing once you do get the swabs (after signing uo and paying and all that) is to make sure Maya have not eaten within an hour or so before. I waited until the morning and did Otis' as soon as he woke up..Then the big wait starts…waiting for the results. I got Otis' back within 2 weeks or so, so no too long. Of course if might take a little longer going to Europe.

  • Thanks for the info everyone! Much appreciated 🙂

  • Can the test be done at any age?

  • Yes, I believe so. With the blood draw, you have to wait until the dog is over 6 weeks (i think) and they can afford to lose the required amount of blood. That is the only issue with age.

  • thanks. I'd like to get Milo tested soon so that i know the outcome asap. His dad is clear and mum is a carrier so it would be good to know for sure.

  • Houston

    Yes, you can do the swab test in a puppy even, as long as there is saliva…right? ...and I agree, get it done so you know for sure. I had Otis' done a few weeks ago, just got the answer back two days ago, even though I knew that he came from two probably clear parents, it is nice to know "for sure" as well as it is probably good to have more dogs into the system.

  • We did the puppies at 3 wks of age. They would like the babes to be off momm for at least a few hours. I did mine overnight to be sure the only DNA in the mouth was their own.
    With adults, doing it right when they wake up is the best way to go. Let hte FTA card dry an hour + then package and mail.

    Do NOT send blood samples for the Fanconi test. You will be asked to order a swab if you do. They are running all the fanconi tests [on live dogs] on swabs ONLY. Jon has requested this via several lists.

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