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Kentucky is a beautiful dog. I remember seeing his picture online. We were trying so hard for my brother in law to adopt him but he didn't want anything bigger than 25 lbs.

However, I'm glad he found a good home. I live in Toronto. How about yourself?

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Mattymo - yes this is the Kent that you are thinking of. Now named Kentucky Joe. How do you know of him? I am not sure if he is actually half boxer or not. I am thinking he might be Basenji/Lab mix. It is hard to tell though. Thanks you for the kind comments!

My brother in law was looking for a rescue dog and we saw this one on petfinder. He inquired, but then realized the dog might get to big. They wanted something no bigger than 25 pounds. I'm assuming Kentucky might get up to 40 lbs.

I tried convincing him to get a basenji since we have one but he ended up getting a puggle. = )

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Is he half boxer? Was this the boxer/basenji named Kent? He's beautiful.

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Leash aggression is NOT unusual. His responding to the choke makes me wonder how much is actually aggression and how much is learned behavior. But please do not ever hand your dog off to someone. Had he flipped at her choking up on him, you would have seriously risked things being worse AND him fearing strangers.

It's possible it was learned. He always felt the need to have to smell other dogs no matter what and i guess over time the need to approach passing dogs escalated. Possibly restraining him with the leash just intensified his frustration leading into aggression.

He knows the "leave it" command and the "watch me" command. We are consistent in using them. However, i find he only follows them when it benefits him or if there is a highly motivating treat involved. If the dog passes by across the street we are ok but if its close nothing works. I will try and slowly get dogs to come closer and closer as he progresses.

I will read the article you posted. Thank you for the response.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I will try to implement some of your tips and see how it goes.

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Does Frankie try to protect you when he is off leash? If so, he may feel that is his role, which he cannot effectively do when on leash, hence going 'psycho'. Just a thought.

As for when you walk with Frankie, are you asking him, with the leash, to heel? If he pulls and walks ahead of you, he will think that he is the alpha of 'your pack'. Not good for a dog, especially a basenji.

Keep us posted - we learn from each other. 🙂

The line my basenji came from are completely all about themselves. The only time he ever became protective over any of us is when he encountered another Basenji.

I forgot to mention he also gets frustrated when looking out the window. If he sees another dog he runs back and forth from chair to chair, down the hall then jumps back on the chairs and looks out the windows. Sometimes makes little basenji noises then calms down when the dog is no longer in sight.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out. Is there anything i can do in the mean time?

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i have a 1.5 yr old male Basenji (Frankie). He is a wonderful dog except for the fact that he has leash aggression. He is fine around other dogs off the leash and is consistently socialized around other dogs on a regular basis. However, when he is on a leash he goes nuts when he sees another dog.

We have started bringing highly motivating treats with us on our walks to serve as a distraction when another dog passes by. If the dog is across the street he seems to stay focused on the treat in the sit position. When another dog is walking on the same side of the street no matter what we try he goes ballistic. Even if i have him in the sit position 30 ft before the dog passes by.

On our walk home from the dog park last night, we met a lady with another dog. Of course Frankie went into pyscho mode. The lady asked if she could take the leash and choked up on his collar (martingale). Frankie fought it for a bit then immediately went into the sit position and stayed calm in the presence of the other dog.

I know negative reinforcement with Basenji's or any other dog is not a good thing. However, my concern is that Frankie will only take advantage of being given treats and never learn. Has anyone dealt with Leash aggression before with their Basenji's? If so, what worked for you.

I should also mention he has had beginner's training at pet smart. I know not the best but its something!

Thank You,


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@Kenji24, I was in the same boat as you. I originally wanted a Doberman Pinscher. But my allergies wouldn't be able to tolerate such a big dog. My wife and I, looked through all the hypoallergenic dogs and the Basenji kept creeping up on us. Eventually we did our research and fell in love with the breed.

Of course no dog is completely dander free and at first i had trouble tolerating Frankies presence but eventually I became a bit more immune. I still act up from time to time but overall everything worked out! I'm still hoping one day to get a Doberman but i will never NOT have a basenji = )

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Ya poor guy wasn't to happy to wear it. He had just been neutered.

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