Vet needed Toronto


I'm purchasing a Basenji this upcoming weekend. I'm currently looking for a vet in Toronto that has experience with the breed. Does anyone know of any good vets in the Toronto area?



Who are you getting your Basenji from, many of us are related by our Basenjis pedigree

Check with the breeder.
They can most likely give you the name of a vet in your area.

My Breeder has been very very helpful but the vets that she is familiar with are 1-2 hours from Toronto. I was hoping to find one in Toronto that may be familiar with Basenjis or willing to work with and learn about them.

He's getting my Frankie, Pat. While I know outside the TO area, I don't know of anyone directly inside TO. We will just have to start interviewing the vets in his area. Matthew can interview them first and I can always do a phone interview. We are racing this weekend, so there may be someone there that may know of someone closer. It was just worth a shot in case someone on the forum lived closer to Matthew.

@mattymo hi, did you happen to find a vet near Toronto that has basenji experience?

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