• We are moving to Montgomery, TX (NW of Houston, near Lake Conroe) within the next year. Does anyone on the forums know of a Fanconi knowledgeable vet in the area? We will educate our own if necessary, but I was hoping someone already knew of a good one!


  • My dog just got diagnosed with Fanconi's. My vet is just reading and learning along with me. I do know there is Gulf Coast Veterinary Clinic in Houston that have many specialists there. Also, Texas A&M Veterinary College is in Bryan, Texas, about 90 miles from Houston.

  • When I took my puppy to my vet, he said he had little knowledge of the Basenji, but he would start reading up on them. Since that time, he's thanked me for the opportunity, and says he is learning more all the time - at our last visit for final puppy shots he said he felt he was becoming quite an expert - if you come across a vet who doesn't have a lot of knowledge about them, he could quite easily love the challenge and become great on the Basenji issues. I told him I'd sent for the DNA marker kit and had Shaye tested (thank God, it was clear), and he launched into a really good discussion about the symptoms, illness, etc., and said he was glad I'd done that, but maybe in a while we would do some blood work to be sure of everything. I feel very confident with him now - so, a good vet with a love to be challenged can be an answer too.

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