• My girl Shasta is having very hard poops.
    She crys when she goes, and its heartbreaking to hear.
    She gets Paul Newmans wet and Dry food as well as a large scoop
    of canned pumpkin with each meal, 2x a day…

    She has been vet checked and its not anal glands or anything like that.
    The poop is hard but normal..I know, too much information...

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I was thinking maybe
    adding a bit of fish oil to her food, but wanted to run it by you all first.

    Course, she drinks very little water.

  • Maybe cut out the pumpkin for a while - pumpkin is great for hardening poop when the dog has anal gland issues and doesn't poop hard enough to keep the gland clean.

  • Thank you.

  • I like Pattys idea of giving Basenjis the water you cook your veg in, i have found this encourages Malaika to drink. I have also tried just colouring the water occassionaly with a spot of milk and she drinks the lot.

  • Good tips..thank you.

  • Maybe mix some water with the food to up her fluid intake? I do that occasionally especially in the summer when I want to make sure they stay hydrated enough. No need to let it sit & make the food soft, by the end of the bowl any water that's left is food-flavored & mine will lick their bowls clean.

    With added water, plus the wet food, and cutting out the pumpkin I'd think it would decrease the fiber while adding moisture? Worth a shot? Fish oil would probably help too, I'd guess.

  • Add in just a tsp of olive oil for a few days, got to 2 tsp if that doesn't help. The not drinking worries me.. if you can figure out how much, run it by vet to see if enough. adding in some broth or other stuff to get her to drink (the no sodium type), should help also.

  • Exactly same problem happen to my 2 years boy, Ghandi.
    I have two, Lolly is almost 2 years old girl, dont has this problem.
    I found out the size of Ghandi's poop is too big compare to Lolly's.
    I found out Lolly do it twice a day (moorning and afternoon), but Ghandi once only within almost 2 days. No wonder!
    I found out they always does it when they got excited about something.
    I found out they always very excited to walk.
    So I walk them everyday, then they do it everyday.
    Favorite place for Ghandi to do it is on the grass, there is no grass in my yard, only sands. When we walks crossing the grass yard, Ghandi always can not hold it, always do it.
    Hahaha.. Simple solution, and its work! 🙂

  • Thanks for the poo info. I do walk my dogs 2 times a day…I drag Shasta out in the rain, when she wants to stay in...just so the poo doesn't "dry up" in her gut.

    I stopped the pumpkin and will work on the water drinking...
    THANKS so much you unmet friends...

    Who else can I ask but dog folks???

  • Hi Sharon
    Could you try a different dog food? How 'bout some plain non-fat yogurt? I remember giving my Einstein a cooked beef bone (the round ones, shank??) with the marrow in the center…...oh , my poor boy cried......the marrow made it very painful for him to go. I had to limit how much he ate. It was a special treat for him, so he didn't get them often.....that helps the anal glands for sure.
    Just a couple ideas. Need daily "poop reports" 🙂
    Pam "PJ"
    p.s. you're lucky you can find pumpkin!!!

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