• Seren has torn her dew claw into the quick and will not let me touch it. She is licking it constantly. Should I try and cut it off or will she chew it off herself? Perhaps I should take her to the vet and have him remove it. She goes nuts when I take her to the vet.:(

  • Is it just the nail or did she dislocate the toe? If she is not allowing you to get a really good look, you may be better off taking her to the vet and having them look at it.

  • She needs to see the Vet and have it taken care of (IMO), because it could get infected. To keep her from licking it you can wrap it… and I would put some type of salve on it, then wrap with a gauze pad, cover that with that self adhssive tape that sticks to itself. However be VERY careful that you do not wrap it to tight and cut of circulation to the foot. Then you can use something like bitter apple or tea tree oil to keep her from attacking the bandage

  • It is the nail and not the toe its self. The nail is more split than anything.

  • I will take her to the vet in the morning. Thanks for all your responses.

  • Definately get her into the vet. The dew claw is attached to tendons that run all the way up the leg. For now wrap it so it she doesn't further injure it until you can get her to see the vet like Pat suggested.

  • Thanks everyone for your help concerning Seren's torn dew claw. We've just returned from the vet. It wasn't her toe just the nail. Her nail was trimed (pretty deep) and bandaged.She looks so pathetic holding her foot up with the bandage. Hopefully the bandage will stay on at least until tomorrow. A little bit of 'bitter apple' may help. The vet assures me she will be fine.
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