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Thanks Tanza I'm Calling Her This Morning And Letting Her Know What You Told Me. I'm Also Going To Tell Her About This Sight So If She Has Any More Questions She Can Ask Herself. I Find Sights Like This One Are Very Good When It Comes To Problems With Your Dog. I Found Alot Out About My Boston Terrier Breed From A Board With Great Members Like Yourself.

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Boarding Can Be A Very Stressfull On A Dog. Breeds That Are Known To Be More One On One With Their Owners Are The Worst. I Worked At A Very Nice Kennel For Years And I Saw Some Cases Just Like Yours. Playmates Were Available And That Does Help, But I Find That The Best Way To Board Is Either Have Someone Stay At Your Home With The Dog Or Take Him To Someone He Knows And Have Them Watch Him. Even Though I Worked At A Kennel When I Went On Vacation My Brother Would Come And Take Care Of My Dogs. ( I Have Four–-sorry No Basenjis ) In Fact When I Got Home Mine Were Heavier Than When I Left Because I Do Not Give Treats Everyday.

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All I Know Is That She Had The Vet Check For A Thyroid Condition Some Time Last Year. So It Probably Was Not A Full Panel Blood Work. Her Vet Contributed The Loss Of Hair To Diet And She Now Feeds Him A Special Food From The Vet. About Two Weeks Ago She Called Me And Said That He Was Not Eating And He Was Acting Real Tired. The Next Day He Was Fine. Then This Bout Of Very Loose Stools And Throwing Up. He Is An Apartment Dog And Goes Out About 7-8 Times A Day, But He's Always Leashed. I Have Been Telling Her That I Think Her Vet Is Second Guessing And Not Really Listening To What My Sister Is Telling Her. If She Could Find Another Vet I Think She Would Get To The Bottom Of This Problem. I Worked For An Emergency Clinic, And That Particuliar Clinic The Doctors Seemed Like They Were Just Interested In The Money And Not The Animal Well Being.

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My Name Is Janet And My Sister Owns A Basenji That In The Past Has Had Some Issues With Losing Hair. The Vet Took A Thyroid Test And It Came Back Neg. Last Night She Came Home To A Very Sick Dog He Had Very Loose Stools And Was Vomiting. She Took Him To A Emergency Clinic Who Was Second Guessing Saying That It Be One Thing Or Another And Then For An Overnight Stay Wanted To Charge Her $700. It Cost Her $225 And The Next Day She Took Him To Her Regular Vet, She Gave Him A Shot And Some Pills, But Nobody Could Give Her A Reason. My Question Is Can Somebody Recommend A Good Vet In The Maryland Area, Preferably In The Carroll County Area That Knows Basenji,s. Oh, By The Way He's Only Around 2 1/2 Or 3 Years Of Age. Please Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

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