• So Dallas has peed 7 times since I have been home from work, only an hour and a half! I take him outside, he pees. Then five minutes after being inside he pees again! He has peed in his crate, on the sofa, on the guest bed, in the kitchen & then the rest outside. The ones in the house anyway have been generous size pees too not just drippings…

    During this time I have been watching him & he has not been drinking too much water so I don't even know how he has that much pee in him!

    Should I be concerned?

  • Sounds like a UTI which means a trip to the vet.

  • Yea I'm thinking it may be that as well since he drank a TON of water when I placed his water bowl back on the floor. He was also whining & pacing right before he went pee on the kitchen floor the last time. I was running up to take him outside assuming that was it but by the time I ran over he had gone. That means he can't hold it now either…

  • Yup, I would agree, UTI is possible…

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