• Hi, I just had a ridiculous situation happen. I was going to take my birth control pill for today and after taking it out of the package I set it on the counter while I got some water. Well, my basenji jumped up and actually got it! She got almost half of it, but luckily spit the rest of it out. I called the emergency vet in a city near me, and they said such a small amount shouldn't hurt her, but if I wanted to be 100% certain I could call poison control, but that would cost $55. Do you think its necessary to call or shouldn't I worry? She only got barely half of one pill.
    THanks for any advice!

  • Not to take business away from the SPCA, but Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine has 24-hour Animal Poison control number. All you pay for is the phone call. The number is 785-532-5679. Here's an article from the webpage with all the info you need.


    I haven't used them, but I know K State turns out some top-notch vets and specialists.

    If you call them please let me know how it goes.


  • Thank you, Tosca is ok now, but I think I will write this down for future reference, 55 is a lot to pay otherwise for a phone call!

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