• Cammie had surgery on friday. she had a growth removed from her left rear leg. we have tried everything to keep her from licking and chewing at her stitches: eye collars, chew guard spray, socks, bandages, socks and bandages sprayed with things that she doesn't like. crating her just gives her a captive audience for chewing at it. I have to work during the day and my husband works nights so he has to sleep during the day. I've tried what I believe to be everything short of a muzzle and drugs to make her sleep. both of which I prefer not to do. šŸ˜• any body else have any suggestion?

  • If the E-Collar is on correctly, she should not be able to reach the surgery site?

  • got a longer e-collar today. if she pulls the stitch again the vet want to use surgical glue on it. don't understand why they didn't use that to begin with. now it is just a matter of getting my husband to comply. i honestly feel that this is just as bad as dealing with a kid who has a cast and wants to pick at it every chance when parents are paying attention

  • on friday we had to board her due to a death in the family while at the vet she had her incision restitched she will be boarded at the vet at least until monday I am considering to have her stay longer just to make sure the incision has a better chance to heal. i work days and my husband works nights so he sleeps during the day and keeping her still and watched closely in nearly impossible so i may just have her stay at the vet until thursday

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