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I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. Jaberi is doing fine back to his old devil dog antics again…......

again much mahalo.

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I thought I would let him come home with the collar on (its only $5) and if he seems okay then I can take it off.

Question how long does it take to heal? The vet I have does provide alot of information I have to go with questions. After this we are looking for a new vet, not that she isn't good but I hate being nicholed & dime for everything little thing….....

Thank you all for your great information.

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Thanks for all the good information. I am going to try not to use the collar and see what happens. But think I will bring it home with me just incase.

Well we are off to the vets….........

Again mahalo(thanks)

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I am having my 6 month old neutered tomorrow and need some information.
Just wondering if anyone has any helpful hints on how long they left the collar on & I usually crate Jabari at night and the collar won't fit:eek: . Do you think it will be okay to take off the collar at night. I know if I let him sleep with us that will be it. He does so good at night with the crate even puts himself to bed & he sleeps in.;) Any help would be appreciated.

One last question how long before he can be taken on a walk or the dog park. It really helps with his disposition….....

Any info on recovery would be nice.:p


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I really appreciate both of your advice. I have tons of chew toys, but haven't tried the knogs or busy buddies or putting treats in jars around. Believe me I will get some tommorrow. I know this is all a puppy stage, but never had a puppy that got so aggressive. The walking has helped alot. So again thanks for the help.


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Yes he nips and the more you tell him "NO" or try to redirect him he gets more & more biting harder/rips clothes. I have started picking him up and taking him in another room. Sometimes it helps re driect his thoughts. He is a sweet dog most of the time. He is most aggressive with my husband and he is also the one the one he shows the most attention. Do you think putting him by himself will help.

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No Jaberi is from Nancy in Kula,Maui. He really is a loving dog. But he will start nipping and then his aggression become more & more. I have tried chew toys, saying ouch loud/ yesterday I tried picking him up and walking & talking to him and it seemed to break the mood. We are also going to buy baby gates and find a palace that will become his (alone) place. I am open to suggestions.

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I have called and left her a message & sent her an email.

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I wish the islands had some kind of luring course. What I tried today was to run and walk with him. I even thought about getting one of those retactable leash and when we reach the field by my house I could switch leashes and let him have space to run around.

He really likes his crate and goes in alot by himself & I don't put him in when he has been bratty I wait a bit and I don't not leave him in long just enought hopefully to change moods.

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Jaberi was 2 months old when we got him.
I thought the aggression was from not getting out, but now I walk him everyday. In fact we just got back from a nice long walk and I think I pooped him out.
So instead of playing power play/with the Alpha role/ maybe seprate him for awhile like crate him. He can get worked up sometimes, not all the time but like a bratty kid. I do stay in calm/assertive role but sometimes it hard.

Jaberi will start classes May 5th I hope this helps.

I really do appreciate all the feedback. I read all the books on Basenji's and knew what I was getting into. Many explained how they can be like children, I guess I just forgot the Terrible Two's. They are a fascinating breed and he is such a loving and entertaining.

Much mahalo again.

Where in the Bay Area are you from Vanessa? I grew up in San Jose and have lived here for 4 yrs now.

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