Some great old Basenji films

Oh My G-d!!!! What an awesome find! Do you mind if I share these links with some other lists?

Great films… thanks for posting them!


Oh My G-d!!!! What an awesome find! Do you mind if I share these links with some other lists?

Send around for all to see!

They were great Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.

Rita Jean


Thank you so much for sharing these. They're awesome..

Good films - thanks for sharing - we always like to see more and more B pictures and films -

It's good for people to see Veronica Tudor-Williams. This site has some great old films of Whippet races too.

WOW! how on earth did you find this?

it always gives me a little thrill to see basenjis from years ago (or from Africa) look like basenjis today. so many breeds (esp hairy ones) change so much.

Thank you for sharing those with us! Lovely to see such original footage of the breed.

:)Thanks for sharing!!:)

First Basenji's

I love them! I could only find still photos from 1939 of basenji's with a pigmea tribe, and some English drawings from when they were discovered. I can't wait to share with my family. I am a VERY proud owner of Moses Donkey, my beloved Basenji!!! I wouldn't want any other furson LOL!

What great old footage! Thanks for posting that!

There's no Bs in this but it shows dogs on a cruise ship in 1935.

So cool!!! Thanks for posting.

What wonderful videos and thank you so much for posting them. The one of Veronicas' took me back many years. I think that the first one is Mrs Burns who I only once met and the little girl is Jennifer. Jayne Stringer who would have known as she actually met Mrs Burns sadly is no longer with us. Many of our present dogs will quite likely trace back to these very dogs in the video!!

I can't identify the Basenjis on the first video of Veronica but they would certainly be pre - Fula of the Congo and show that they were not inferior as some people in the UK assert.

Sorry, I meant the second link not the first when I referred to Mrs Burns!!

Thanks for posting these vids. How you found them is amazing.

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