Just received my 4 Months old Basenji

@sammm - At night? Why is she not with you at night? Even if they are to sleep in their crate, it should be in the same room as you?

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@eeeefarm Thank you !

And what about leaving her for 2 hours alone?

You need to work up to that. She's a baby, after all, and not used to being all alone. Find ways to distract her when you need to go out, e.g. toys, a stuffed kong, something that will keep her occupied, and if possible only go out for a few minutes at first, gradually lengthening the time as she adjusts to your absence. And make things as "matter of fact" as you can. No big scenes when you depart or when you return, no fussing over her if she greets you, better to ignore her for a few minutes when you come back, so she doesn't get the message that your absence is a big deal.

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@tanza She is thank you ! However i have a small problem, don't know if you can help: how can you make her stay alone for 2 hours without crying her soul out, and without destroying everything in the Kitchen? Last night was her 2nd night alone in the kitchen and you don't want to know what she did... i think she was committing suicide lol... any recommendations?

We made the mistake of leaving our second pup alone in the kitchen the first night we had him (quite a number of years ago). Big mistake and not a good outcome at all. The second night we brought him into the bedroom in a crate and he was an angel. We've done that with new pups ever since.

Leaving her alone during the day may be different. My guess is that it will be. Just put a treat in her crate so she likes the crate and then leave her there. No doubt there will be some drama when you leave but she'll probably go right to sleep after a few minutes.

If you don't have a crate the first order of business would be to get one.

She is very cute.

@donc - My comment is that when you give them a space that IS Theirs... and you are not in the home they will settle down... but if you are home, they need to be with their people

@eeeefarm Thank you very much! Will start implementing what you have said

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@donc - My comment is that when you give them a space that IS Theirs... and you are not in the home they will settle down... but if you are home, they need to be with their people

Completely agree. I was just addressing leaving her alone during the day when I assumed everyone would be out. I see that as different than alone in the kitchen at night. Now that I think about this, your point about being home or not may be the difference between night and day. At night you're home. During the day likely not.

@Sammm congratulation on your new pet!
Mine is 5 months too and is still not comfortable at
Home. I have a small backyard but he is even scared of being alone there. Is yours doing better?

Some Basenjis are never comfortable out in the backyard alone. I had two that didn't mind, and two that very much did mind and would not stay outside alone. All of mine adjusted to being alone inside, but with my last two it took time.

@steven12 Laika is doing great! She finally feels safe at home. She is very calm yet she plays a lot. At night she sleeps in any bedroom (in her bed)... i'm sure the best is to come..


@sammm Basenjis are a long and winding road. My first was a challenge at first as I had no idea that a Basenji was different from a “normal” dog lol. After the first year, I found myself looking for information on the internet to find out why he was so different. At one point I seriously wondered if maybe he was just crazy or something. I was very surprised to find out he was actually just doing normal Basenji things and that they are all like that lol.

As with most things, when they are challenging and hard work, the final rewards are greater and more cherished. This year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a great achievement that was not easy, required a lot of hardship and work, along with some luck. But because of those things, the achievement was greater and more rewarding.

Those who endure the difficulties and bond with their dogs, would in the end never change a thing. They are very rewarding, over time you will get back more fun, laughs, education, love and affection than you can put in.

The day comes all too soon when you will wish they were howling all night in the kitchen because they wanted to be with you or chewing the $20 bills from you wallet because they were bored. Enjoy the moment, that is the Basenji way.

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