Can a 3 month old b go outside?

I picked up Lucky yesterday from the breeder and it said that she had her first shots done. Their was a storm so we didn't go outside but today, I decided to take a tiny walk with her. Is this safe? can i do this? Does it matter if not all of her shots have been done? Please help me out!

You want to keep her away from other dogs until she has immunity, also don't allow her to sniff around where dogs have been. What did her breeder advise? Also, isn't the weather a bit extreme at the moment? You don't want her to get too cold!

I agree with eeeefarm about staying away from other dogs; but I've had my dog out in extreme cold weather since he was a puppy with no ill side affects. Dogs are very hardy.

Not too sure what's going over there in the east but…. sharp ice is what you need to watch out for; it can cut their paws if they run on it a lot, and strip their paw pads pretty good.

I would avoid over 40 minutes of that.... soft snow won't kill them though. Since it's a puppy I'd watch their ears a little if you're out longer than 45 minutes (if it's under 30ish degrees).

A tiny walk they can handle.

I can say we just had a blizzard and have been getting one to two storms a week. Oakley has a Hurrta coat, a snood which he sometimes uses as a neck warmer and boots used for wet snow or extremely cold weather. Despite that his paw pads started bleeding yesterday mid walk…he really can't handle the constant snow,ice,cold and ice melt..
I think you should be able to bring your pup out; just keep an eye on any signs of hard shivering or motionless (not wanting to move), lifting up of one foot at a time and staring at you. All those can be signs of cold uncomfortability. Congrats on your new pup and I do agree to use caution around dogs you aren't familiar with, but also keep in mind socialization is super important as well. Try for positive experiences with dogs at a safe distance and try to get in up close experiences with dogs whose medical history and owner reliability are there

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