• I think this just needs some time for everyone to get used to the new arrangements. When we adopted our current boy, he was pretty much velcro dog for the first while…...just needed reassurance that someone was in the house with him. When one or the other of us is away he reverts to that behaviour. Guess he gets worried about the level of service when one of his "staff" is away. 😉

  • B's are very close to their people. Give it some time and patience and she will get more and more independant. My female used to have to come with me everywhere….and now when I have a bath my boy will come and sit in front of the door almost like he is guarding or to make sure I will be coming back. They are also very inquisitive and have to check out everything that is going on. If I go outside, they follow, go downstairs to get something out of the freezer, they follow, they just want to know what is happening and make sure they aren't missing something cool.

    As for kitty, once kitty knows that puppy isn't going anywhere she should be ok. Cats are a little stuck-up and don't like change when they have been ruler of the house. It will take some time but everyone should get used to each other. It is a good thing that Blurr doesn't want to chase Shiek at least. B's have a very high prey drive.

    You should post some pics when you have a chance. Everyone on this forum loves pictures!

  • It is normal for your new pup to stick to you like glue - time will help that situation, although we have found after 3 years our B still likes to at least be in the same room with us, until bedtime, when she just trots off to her bed near our bed, and curls up for the night. We cover her when we go to bed, then at some point during the night, she will jump up on the bed to burrow under the covers.

    As to the cat - we already had a cat when we got our B - it took a couple of months, but it was always quite clear the cat had the upper hand if pushed, and she still does. Shiek will be fine - your pup may get a scar or two if she insists on sticking her nose too close to the cat. Now, mine pretty much ignore each other, but if it's a little cold in the house, might very well back up to each other to gather the warmth where they nap.

  • About Sheik, we've definitely been there also, earlier this year. Like you I felt terrible but we worked with both a lot and now they are best buds. Our cat liked dogs to start but the energy of B's is very high and strong prey drive so wanted to chase.

    With the dog we used the leave it command quickly and the water bottle too. Most importantly make Sheik know that he is still wanted. Bring him out and pet him while on your lap and watch tv…or follow whatever old routine you had to make him feel like everything is normal. Pretty much ignore the dog a bit while you're giving attention to the cat.

  • Alrighty thank you 🙂 she seems to be getting a tab bit better today, she'll stay for the most part when I tell her to. But yeah. The cat decided she was going to walk into the room earlier. And I was petting her, once the pup noticed her I pet her also, that didn't last too long…. she went after the cat and got her. Upset me, but she has to learn. Was reading online that I could put her in a crate (if we buy one) and let the cat walk around. And if she starts to get aggressive or bark then put a blanket over it. Or put her on her leash and only let her go so far when the cat is in the room. Pups gonna be in the room with us tonight and we're going to let the cat roam the rest of the house tonight.

  • My 15 month old basenji boy Kipawa is still velcro with me, and honestly, I love it! I would hate it if it stopped, though I don't think it will. We are very connected in a very wonderful way. Having a velcro basenji can be a good thing - it makes it easy to keep an eye on them. 😉

    Until you are 100% positive that nothing will happen to Sheik, always supervise. I'm sure though that they will wind up sleeping together and being best buddies. Congrats on saving a basenji… how precious of you.

  • my suki is a year and a half and still a velcro dog… wherever i am, she's right there underfoot. she even sits on my feet while i was dishes. you'll get used to it! and the dog and cat will get used to each. mine are going through this process now, and after about a week, they liked interacting. the cat lets suki know when he's had enough together time.

  • @Kipawa:

    Having a velcro basenji can be a good thing - it makes it easy to keep an eye on them. 😉

    How true! 😃

  • At least then you know they aren't getting into any trouble.:rolleyes:

  • Yes, photos please.

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