Just a reminder: I'm a basenji!!!

  • Booger is so laid back at times I don't think he realizes he's a basenji. Full run of the house, mostly obedient although he tests me at times.
    He is a really bad leash puller, and we bought a Halti for him a while back. We tried it several times, but he could escape from it in no time, and we got strange looks from people who thought it was a muzzle or torture device. We gave up on the Halti… Recently MauiGirl complained about her pup's pulling. She had a Sensation harness & didn't love it, so we traded. The halti works wonders for her pup (who of course acts like its killing him!), and the first time we used the Sensation on an outdoor hike, Booger did really really well with it!! I was so pleased!
    Well tonight I tried it again on a potty trip outside. Its been raining and the ground is wet, and Booger felt stubborn I suppose. He got behind me, planted his feet & pulled until the harness came over his head!! He ran off, did a big circle & came halfway back. He looked at me and gave me the "Haha I tricked you!!!" look. I asked him if he wanted a treat & he came right back. His final words on the situation: "In case you forgot, I'm still a basenji!"

  • I use Mendota slip training leads on both Ru & Brando for their walks (basically they are a rope version of a show lead). I would say 95% of the time, they are great walking with them (the 5% is if deer, turkeys or rabbits run across the road). But I also don't care if they walk in front of me or aren't right by my side. I do care that they aren't pulling me down the street, and these leads work GREAT…better than the martingale, leash setup I also have for them.

    You might try one of those...they aren't very expensive, $15 for a 4' and 17 for a 6'.

  • Renaultf1 - do you use the British style slip lead or the martingdale style? I see the Gander Mountain near me carries their products so I'd like to give it a trywith EL D.

  • Ugh. I feel your pain.. Lycia is a horrid can I say HORRID puller… I have no idea what to do with her. I have tried all the methods it feels like - perhaps not all the products yet.. We did a gentle leader - but ppl think I'm a sick freak to put it on the dog, or they think she is vicious.. she doesn't help by pawing at it all the time. frustrating

  • @wizard:

    Renaultf1 - do you use the British style slip lead or the martingdale style? I see the Gander Mountain near me carries their products so I'd like to give it a trywith EL D.

    I use the British style slip lead. I tend to use the 6' ones more often than the 4' ones. They have various types of rope…Brando likes the multi colored rope better because it is a little softer...Ruby doesn't seem to care. Another good thing about them too is they have a little leather slide that you can adjust to make the head opening smaller. Plus they are super comfortable to hold onto.

  • This might sound ignorant.. but how to the Brit leads keep yours B's from pulling??

  • You know, I've been really baffled by all the strange looks I've been getting while out with the dogs. Ahem.


  • Update: This morning I put the sensation harness on & his martingale collar. I clipped the leash to both. He planted his feet & pulled & I let him. He only got one foot out of the harness, and then couldn't get any further because of the collar. I let him sit in his uncomfortable predicament for about 30 seconds before I unclipped the harness & put it back on properly. He didn't try to pull out of it again.
    So far we're tied. Basenji 1, Human 1

  • Go Carrie! Go Carrie!

  • Good job Andrew - maybe you can pull ahead in the count 🙂
    Also thanks for the tip too.

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