• Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ursula and I live in Tripoli, Libya (for work, originally I'm from the US and still call Houston, TX home). When we moved here 6 months ago, we brought all of our animals with us - 2 labrador retrievers, and three cats.

    The reason I joined this board is that we're dog-sitting a friend/colleague's Basenji, Louie, for a bit over three weeks (while she's traveling for business and the vacation). I think Louie is about 3 years old, his owner has only had him for a couple of months, and adopted him as an adult. He's an "only child" and I know she "spoils" him and loves him very much.

    He's painfully shy but seems very sweet. He's met our dogs and cats already and is fine with them - not playful, but all the body language is that he's very comfortable (ears up, head high, tail curled up on his back, bouncy trot). But his Mom warned us that he's very, very timid in new situations. His first night with us was last night, and he seemed fine. Better than we expected, actually.

    I am not familiar with the breed at all, so I know I'll have questions. Any pointers or advice you can offer right off the bat?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Get ready for sneaky activities 😃

  • I suspect he should be feeling very comfortable in a few days and will start playing (if he's the playing type) with your other dogs. Unless he's not use to being around other dogs. I would just keep your eye on him to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

  • But watch for the minute that he becomes "comfortable"… ggg... that is when they push the envelope.....

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