• Ok, so there's a picture of a Basenji on a motorcycle in the spring issue of "Cottage Dog" magazine, and yes, it's a picture of my first Basenji, Giza. I happen to know the editor of the magazine, she wanted to do an article on motorcycle dogs and she remembered that we used to do a lot of biking with a dog, so an email showed up in my inbox… You can read the article on-line at: http://issuu.com/cottagedogmagazine/docs/cd_1204_cottagedog_issuu but you have to flip all the way to page 38.

    I'm a bit embarrassed by the picture of my husband and I (I thought there would just be pictures of the dog) because
    A) it's not that current, and in fact I can't even walk anymore, and
    😎 my husband's wearing runners which is such bad bikin' etiquette but it was a really hot day and we were camping just down the road at the show site; the picture was taken at the Canadian Basenji National Specialty BBQ.

    And, as an aside, I bet Giza might have been the only competing dog to ever show up at a Basenji National Specialty on a Harley!

  • Gosh Joanne, those photos are so cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • haha how awesome! thats one proud basenji on the bike lol

  • First Basenji's

    Everyone looks badass, especially Giza. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Great picture - I've got a very soft spot for motorcycling Basenjis!

  • Love it! I would not even dream of putting Dolce on the back of my bike. Firstly she hates when any wind blows in her face and freaks out when the windows are down in the car. Second, she is such a squirmer I fear she would wiggle herself right off the bike.

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