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I didn't even think to look? Any idea what dogs have them for? Probably for holding prey in the wild?

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What's the criteria?

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I love them! I could only find still photos from 1939 of basenji's with a pigmea tribe, and some English drawings from when they were discovered. I can't wait to share with my family. I am a VERY proud owner of Moses Donkey, my beloved Basenji!!! I wouldn't want any other furson LOL!

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Am I using the wrong food or what? I heard they did not shed much and until this weekend I had noticed any different?

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I was sitting there in the bathroom minding my own business when the door flung open and my boy stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like I was doing something wrong because I was in there. He stared at me through the corner of his eye and walked very slowly to the counter where we keep the toilet paper. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see just how bold he is. Still staring at me through the corner of his eye, he put his front legs on the counter and slowly opened his mouth, and was going to grab the roll of paper. "Not Yours" I said to him and as soon as I finished speaking he grabbed the paper and ran just as fast as he could. I was in no position to chase him but I just kept yelling, "NOT YOURS! NOT YOURS!". My wife caught him in the hallway and shredded toilet paper all around him. She yelled at him and he ran off, I just know he was laughing at me…

I have been a victim of a drive by snatching myself. LOL! I love that you still tried to yell "not yours" Classic, LOL!

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How sad. It always concerns me when my B is acting like spoiled brat. My husband tends to react worse then me but we have not gotten bit. When my son wanted to name him Donkey, I told him no we would give him that as a middle name, but little did I know how appropriate it actually is. Don't let it get you down, he young and doesn't realize your the Alpha

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You'll just have to stick with manufactured treats then I guess - what a loss to your pup. 🙂

He won't know he's lost out. I think I will get him a cows leg bone from the butcher. Anyone tried one before?

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I guess this shows my husband & I's immaturity, but we cannot buy our son (furkid) a bulls penis to chew on. There has got to be something else?
I giggle just thinking about it, and it grosses me out.LOL!!!!!!

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I'm not sure what that is? An actual billy club like the cops use?

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how cute! Do you give them something else to chew on? I hate rawhide, but if he doesn't have something he will chew on everything he walks by, while he's walking by it. He does "drive by chewings"

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