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    The new bandaging is working very well. The vet came up with a very clever way to hold padding over the wound. She stitched several loops of very thin wire in a circle around the wound. She then packed padding over the wound and threaded gauze through the loops to hold the padding in place. Then she covered the whole thing with a stretchy bandage and stapled it to the skin above the wound and wrapped it all the way to his hock where she taped the bandage shut so it wouldn't flap around. The whole thing gets changed twice a week.

    The biopsy results are back. It is cutaneous fibroadnexal hamartoma. (I can't find much info about this on the internet.) The good news is that it is BENIGN! The bad news is that the entire tumor was not removed so there is a possibility it could spread or grow again. I won't worry about that at the moment though. For now, I just want him to heal and feel well.

  • Sounds like you dog is in good hands. Kudo's to your vet for not giving up and finding a way to protect that so it has a chance to heal.


  • Good report, Robyn!!! Let's hope that healing keeps going!

  • That is great news for Baron!

  • One of the best words in the English language is "Benign".

    Hope he heals as fast as he runs.

  • Great news! Hope the wound heals soon.

  • That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you! And I agree with Jason: Kudos to your vet!

  • That is good news. I hope Baron is feeling well soon. I know you are giving extra TLC!!


  • I'm so glad to read this.

  • Great to hear Robyn, hugs to Baron!

  • Thanks for the update, Robyn. Baron has been such a great boy through all of this… and of course it helps that he has such a great mommy!!!:D Kudos to the Vet., too... sounds like she is wonderful!

  • Dr. Watkins removed the bandaging today and we were amazed at how well the wound has healed! The gap has closed up and there is only a quarter-sized area that is still healing. Baron will not have to be bandaged now though he will have to wear the cone collar a while longer so he doesn't lick the area. I am so happy he is healing! Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive vibes! They seem to be working!

  • thanks for sharing the good news!

  • That looks great! Kudos to your great vet, and your tender loving care.


  • Fantastic! That is really good news.


  • What great news! Hope it continues to heal well.

  • It looks really good Robyn, nice and clean! Good edging and colour.

    I'll keep you and Baron in my thoughts.

  • Wonderful news, congrats!!!

  • Wow…he looks like he is healing really well now. 😃 Yay Baron!!

  • Houston

    I know this is really far stretch and a late post but do some research on
    Manuka Honey +16( or higher ) We live on it here in our house as far as to prevent colds and such, BUT it also has tremendous healing powers for skin wounds. There are a lot of people ot there that have had amazing results with it when cancerous lumps have been removed, and it is natural. It might be a mess but if Baron is still wearing his cone then at least he might not be licking it of.
    Just wanted to give you some ideas as to what might work on healing it faster.


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