• Hello everyone,
    Ayo's second urinalysis cambe back negative. Soo,.. I am waiting for my credit card to clear (long story) to order the OFA kit,.. and also considering retesting next week, somewhere else, .. .. also blood glucose. My vet wanted to redo the urinalysis and do the bloodwork depending on the results,….so since its negative,.... so I wil keep you posted. thank for all the info. Ayo is doing great, he is realy happy and has gained some weight the last few weeks, (not doing the satin balls) just adding a little ground beef to his kibble. He looks great , I will take some pictures this weekend

  • Wonderful news to hear! Please keep us posted, and of course it goes without say that we'd love to see pictures.

  • Thank you for keeping us in thouch with Ayo's news. It all sounds very good. I look forward to seeing pictures.

  • Congratulations, that is great! Ayo sounds like he's doing well. Keep the updates coming. It's great that he's gaining weight. We would love to see some pics of Ayo with some meat on his bones.

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